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ARUMBU – It is the only Tamil magazine published for the youth in TamilNadu and India. This magazine is very popular among the youth and the students. Since Arumbu (which means bud) is widely distributed through schools and other educational institutions, its messages carry more significant and important value than any other magazines. It has a record of four decades of services rendered to the community of students. It has 1,00,000 readers who are spread over TamilNadu and Pondicherry. This magazine has been identified as the best magazine for the students by the parents and teachers.

Arumbu Publications and
Salesian Publishing Society

This magazine also publishes various kinds of books, which is of a great help to the students. Each issue deals with a particular content like Personality Development, Career Guidance, Growth and development of an adolescent and their attitude towards it, Relationship between parent and children in the consumeric world, Student's attitude towards society, ways to find out and flourish their inbuilt talents and potentialities, Awareness on the current events, Self consciousness, Time management , Motivation and etc.,

With the help of print media, Arumbu Publication renders valuable services to the students. Following are some of the newly published books for students, teachers and parents.

Padhattaminri paddippadhu eppadi? ( Different ways to read the book without any anxiety)
Unarchi arivatral – Or Arimugam ( A book on Emotional Intelligence)
Ungalip pdidikkumma ungalukku ? ( Self analysis of one's qualities)
Konjam vedi and konjam kadi ( A book on humor)
Elaingnar ezhuchip padalgal ( Awareness songs for youth)
Velichathin verkal ( An alternative educational tool for teachers)
Vazhkaiku valam tharum vannak kathrikal ( Guideline for students -highlights on the current events)
Salaiyora Santhippukal ( An event happened on the roadside)
Yanna Padikkalam? Yeppadi Padikkalam? (Guideline for the students about their further education)
Student Diary (Diary for students)
Palnilap Pathai (Auto biography of Mastro Illayaraja, The music Director)
Kalam yen kaiyel ( A book on Time Management)
Thannambikai Tonic ( Book on Self Confidence)
Nijangal ( Question – Answer book related to Bible)
Yethanai periya vanam (2 books on Space – Science for the Students)
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