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“We make possible a developing experience of being in a group to the point where young people discover the Church as the communion of believers in Christ, so they can develop an intense sense of belonging to the Church” SYMFoR, p.149 (cf. C. 35; R. 8)

This dimension encourages all kinds of constructive and group activities which are a concrete initiation into community, civic and ecclesial involvement. SYMFoR, p.157 (C. 35; R. 8)

Promising Aspects


The Salesian Youth Ministry in the province has enabled interpersonal relationship among the youth. The young are accompanied to take part in social life assuming their moral and social responsibility. Forums are created for the young to express their ideas and desires and they are involved in decision making.




  • Developing strategic plans and programmes for social experience.
  • Educating the young in effective decision making.
  • Cultivating in the young a desire for peaceful and harmonious nation building.
  • Initiating the young towards social commitment.
  • Networking with other youth groups for taking up common social causes.


  1. Are there groups functioning in the various settings? If yes, how effectively are they functioning?
  1. Academic Schools


  1. Technical Schools

Yes. There are groups functioning in Technical Schools. They are functioning effectively as per the objectives of the group.

  1. Parishes


  1. Youth Centers

There are many groups are functions in the Youth Centres namely, Spiritual group, Social group, Cultural group, Sports group, Education and job placement group, Blood donors group... These groups come together in the beginning of the academic year and plan out their early programme and bring them out in their EEP. Regularly they meet to evaluate their programme and proceed further. Not all the youth centres follow these strategic planning and budgeting.

  1. Other settings



  1. Are the groups animated by Salesians or Trained Lay Animators?
  • Yes, Salesians from Province level and House level animate every month. Often during first 3 months.
  • Some of the groups are animated by Salesians and experienced senior lay people of the youth centres. Other groups are not followed up and we do lack of trained lay animators and we failed to train the lay animators too.
  1. What would you suggest to offer this service more effectively to many more youth in the various settings?
  • They could have a national or province level social channel to share and showcase their activities. Province websites could be opened to our youth in our strings in vernacular for active interaction and participation. National youth office could identify and encourage leading groups online as they become agents of change and progress. (Technical Schools)
  • We need to establish many more youth centres where ever we are. Since there is lot of religious fundamental groups are emerging, the need of the hour is to begin lots of youth centers to promote religious harmony in our locality.
  • We do have lots of adolescents in our campus and we need to groom them towards responsible adult in the society for this cause all of our settings should have youth centres.
  • Planing and budgeting (EPP) should be done in the beginning of the academic year. It should not remain only in the papers for this danger there should be a system to evaluate our planing and execution.
  • The first five years of  every Salesians should be spent only in these non-formal youth centers and and creative youth services.
  • We need to identify the lay collaborators and train them in a regular interval to take care of these creative Youth services.


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