Chennai – St. Mary

Chennai – St. Mary

The History of the Institution

St. Mary’s Co-Cathedral is a historic landmark in the city of Madras (renamed as Chennai today). It is a popular pilgrim centre in the heart of the city that attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims of all faiths-Christians, Hindus, Muslims and others-to pray and pay homage to Mother Mary and their favourite saint, St. Antony. People flock to the Church, especially on Tuesdays, the day dedicated to St.Antony, because they believe that their prayers are answered and they witness many miracles here.` St. Mary’s Church, was originally built in 1658. During the French occupation ofMadras, the church suffered serious damages and so it was rebuilt in 1775 and enlarged further in 1785 on a modest scale. The Madras Catholic Directory makes  mention of the church of St. Mary of Angels in 1857, with a Catholic population of 8,000, with the neighbouring St. Francis Xavier’s chapel as its substation. St. Mary’s first served as the Church of the Prefects of the Capuchin Missions at Madras and later became the Church of the Vicariate Apostolic of Madras in 1834. In execution of the Papal Bull “Humanae Salutis Auctor” of September 1, 1886. His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, by an “Apostolic Brief” (25-11-1886) promoted the Vicar Apostolic of Madras, Dr.Joseph Colgan, to the Archiepiscopal See of Madras and the Church of St. Mary’s of the Angels was raised to the dignity of the Cathedral Church. Finally, when the Archdiocese of Madras and the Diocese of Mylapore were combined together into a new Ecclesiastical Unit, an Apostolic Constitution, “Ex-Pimaevae Eccesiae” was issued on December 13, 1952, forming the new Archdiocese of Madsras-Mylapore. St.Thomas Cathedral, Mylapore, was assigned as the Cathedral of the new Archdiocese and St.Mary of Angels as the Co-Cathedral.

St.Mary's Anglo-indian Hr Sec. School
The origin and history of the School till 1978, was associated with the history of the Archdiocese as the development of the Church of St Mary’s of Angels, at present called, the St Mary’s Co-Cathedral. The Church was built by the Capuchin fathers in 1775. Strategically situated in the heart of the city on Armenian Street adjacent to the St Mary’s Co-Cathedral, the School faced very many obstacles in its proud and prestigious history.

St.Mary's was founded in 1839 by Rt.Rev.Joseph Corew D.D. London, belonging to the Society of St.Joseph. The school was known as St.Mary's Seminary and Day School. Later it came to be known as St.Mary's College. Then it was christened St.Mary's European High School.

Activities And Sectors
The Salesian community at St. Mary’s Co-Cathedral takes care of the faith formation of the faithful in the parish and to the children through the Anglo-Indian Hr. Sec. school.

Parish Ministry: Co-Cathedral - St. Anthony’s Shrine - Pious
Associations - JMJ Youth Group. Academic Ed: St. Mary’s Anglo-Indian Hr. Sec. School. Social Ministry: Evening Study Centres (Parish & YMCA School, Fort). Legal Cell – Chaplaincies.

St. Mary’s Co-Cathedral
110, Armenian Street
George Town
Chennai - 600 001

(044) 2538 3097 - House/Parish
(044) 2538 4848 - Parish Priest
(044) 2538 2152/ 2539 1551 - School
(044) 2538 9539 - Headmaster

P Francis Sundararaj - V/Hm/Ap/YMC
P Pappuraj Antony - R/Pp/Cd
P Purappamthanam Sebastian (PJ) - Co
P Soosairathinam Antonysamy - Legal Cell
P Thamathiruthuvam Irudayam - A/Ap