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Sacred Heart College

Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, was founded in 1951 by Fr. Joseph Carreno. Since then, the College has continued to grow steadily, gained autonomy status, and increased its academic resources and facilities. At present, it has a total strength of about 2346 students, divided roughly half between the Day and Evening Colleges. The Day College runs 10 PG courses and 7 UG courses with 1264 students. In the Evening College, there are 6 PG courses and 5 UG courses with a total of 1082 students. The teaching staff numbers 122, while the office and domestic staff are 63 in number. There is good discipline and a spirit of serious intellectual work in the students. Coming from rural and economically poor backgrounds, they are keen to study, receptive to guidance and appreciative of the help and facilities made available to them. The staff is well motivated and hardworking. The mid-day meal scheme introduced in 2004 and funded by the Alumni Association, benefits more than 150 poor students. The Catholic identity and atmosphere in the College are strongly marked. Every morning, the Eucharist is celebrated with the participation of a good number of Catholic students, every Tuesday evening, there is adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and once a week the rosary is recited in the hostels. Two days of annual retreats is also conducted. Marian and Don Bosco months are also celebrated. For non-Christians, a beautiful prayer hall “Oasis” has been constructed.

Many initiatives were taken or are being taken towards achieving academic excellence. Some of them are as follows:
• One week bridge course for the first year students conducted by Salesian clerics.
• Spoken English programme for all the first year students has been introduced for 2 hours everyday apart from their class hours.
• Training in computer skills for all the second year students is planned.
• Training in career skills for all third year students is planned.
• A choice-based credit system has been introduced to provide an opportunity for students to select courses according to their liking, and to move from one discipline to another, thus gaining access to a wider range of knowledge.
• The involvement of faculty members in research activities has considerably increased. National and state level conferences are held regularly.
• Projects sponsored by UGC and other agencies, publications and consultancy services have increased very much.
• Facilities like internet for research and publication have increased for the staff.
• Infrastructure for power point presentations has increased for both staff and students.
• Incentives are given to faculty members to complete Ph.D. and publish articles in reputed journals.

Co-Curricular Activities of the College

NCC, NSS, JRC, AICUF, Fine Arts, Media Forum, Rotaract, Red Ribbon, Maatru Nataka Iyakkam, Liturgical Service Committee (LSC) and Rover Crew are active groups in which the college students are involved.

Extension Services offered by the College

The College, through the Don Bosco Centre, founded by Fr. Thomas Pamparel in 1973, offers the following extension services: a Pre- School English Medium School (110 children), Free Computer Education for Rural Schoolchildren (about 2000 children), Free Evening Tuitions (4 centres viz., D.B. Centre, Annandapatti, Ashok Nagar and Bosco Institute of Social Work. CFCA volunteers as well as paid teachers help these children) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

Salesian Educational Empowerment of Rural Students (SEERS): In the 6 years of its existence, SEERS has done wonderful service in strengthening and supporting the local Government schools, with the collaboration of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) as well as of the village headmen. Ever since its inception, the vision has remained “Total Literacy and Holistic Development” of the rural children in these schools. This is primarily achieved through after-class coaching for the children in the evenings. Evening Study Centres run by the College for the neighbouring villages are 10 in number, with more than 1120 boys and girls in attendance. These are assisted by 20 teachers.

Mission to the Gypsies: The College also caters to the intellectual needs of the gypsy community, which has a significant presence in the neighbourhood, by encouraging gypsy children to study, while providing some of the basic facilities required for them, like drinking water, and also initiating various developmental works and projects for their well-being.

Bosco Institute of Social Work (BISW)

Bosco Institute of Social Work (BISW) runs the following: Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Social Work (MSW and Ph.D.), Training in Social Work (Industrial Workers, Life Coping Skills), Consultancy (4 agencies) and Reach-Out Community Service Projects. It is continuing the various welfare projects that were initiated in the late seventies. At present, BISW runs the following projects for the benefit of the people in and around Tirupattur:

• a Family Counselling Centre
• two child-care centres, one at Sagaya Nagar and the other at Sivarajpet, which provide education, nutrition and health care to about 60 children;
• a Magalir Thittam, with the objective of empowering women, which has altogether 5 units functioning at Natrampalli Block, Tirupattur Block, Jolarpet Block, Tirupattur Municipality and Natrampalli Town, with 335 groups;
• tailoring for women and girls, especially school-dropouts, domestic servants, orphans and semi-orphans

The College Hostels

The College runs 4 hostels for men and 1 for women in the campus, and 1 outside the campus –for Evening College students. Each of the 3 hostels on the campus has a Salesian warden and student confreres residing, which makes for the good spirit in them. Rinaldi Hostel accommodates 172 boys (108 Catholics, 3 Salesian Asst.wardens and 5 non-Salesian sub-wardens), Jyothi Nivas Hostel 151 boys (91 Catholics with 2 non-Salesian sub-wardens), Murphy Hostel 139 boys (87 Catholics with 3 Salesian Asst. wardens and 1 non-Salesian sub-warden) and Guezou Hostel, started this year for the P.G., M. Phil., and Ph. D. students, has 130 boys (66 Catholics, 4 Salesian Asst.wardens and 5 non-Salesian wardens). St. Joseph’s Hostel, Koviloor (about 3 kms from the College campus) for Evening College UG students, has 78 boys, and Amalagam Hostel with 130 girls (51 Catholics with 1 FMA warden).

The hostels in the campus are fully utilized by the students. The demand for accommodation in the hostels is on the increase year after year. The relationship between the students and the Salesians, as well as among the students themselves, is very cordial. The environment in the hostels is very conducive for studies. Several opportunities are provided for the spiritual and personal growth of the students. The assistant- and sub-wardens play a vital role in the smooth running of the hostels. All the hostels are blessed with dedicated domestic staff, and each of them has a spacious refectory, kitchen, halls for recreation and indoor games, purified drinking water and toilet facilities. The mess is run on a dividing system. Steam cooking facility in the hostels keeps the environment clean. All these hostels offer students many extra-curricular activities, besides inter-hostel programs. The annual Parents’ Meet and the Hostel Day, create an opportunity for personal interaction and improvement.

Other Services offered by the College and the Community

Vazhikaatti – Placement Cell: Career guidance and Counseling are offered to the students of the College. Vazhikaatti also organizes campus interviews cum selection in collaboration with the companies around, thus facilitating job placement of the students. The Placement Cell also offers UGC aided Career Oriented Certificate Courses.

Service of Advice, Guidance and Empowerment of Students (SAGES): SAGES, the psychological guidance and counseling centre, aims at helping and guiding the students, particularly of the 1st and 2nd years. Efforts are being made to encourage many students to avail of this opportunity for their personal growth.

Scholarships for Schoolchildren and College Students: Poor students, especially Catholics, are financially assisted in their studies annually with the help of the management and other scholarships to the tune of nearly Rs. 11 lakhs every year, in addition to the Central and State Government scholarships. Forty-eight children (from class 5 upwards) from very poor families are offered CFCA scholarships for their education. About 170 college students receive CFCA work-scholarships whereby they perform community service in the College premises or teaching in the schools in and around Tirupattur. The Don Bosco Foundation of the Province also contributes about 2 lakhs every year for scholarships among poor students. This money too is distributed in the same way as the work-scholarship amount.

Programme Project

The Province Programme Project’s vision statement is “a community that builds itself and holds the ownership of its integral development”. This project has the following objectives: Increasing Accessibility, Quality Formation, Placement, Community Integration and Social Cohesion and Development of Peoples’ Institutions. Over a period of one and a half years, 69 Self Help Groups have been organized in 3 districts of Vellore, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri, covering 1121 poor families in rural areas with the collaboration of the local Salesian communities. Through these groups, the socially marginalized people are given opportunities to come up in life. Self Help Group members have been trained, in the production of 13 products (areca nut plates, paper bags, paper plates, sanitary napkins, incense sticks, fruit-juice making, etc.), in their villages as an Income Generation Program (IGP) to become empowered people. Other training programs related to the formation of groups, leadership skills, EDP training were also offered. An important aspect of the program is the micro credit scheme offered to the groups through their savings, to the tune of Rs. 6, 20,000.

The Alumni Association

During the past 25 years of its existence, the Association has grown a lot. It is part of the worldwide Don Bosco Past Pupils’ Association, and offers services of employment to the needy, and support for new ventures undertaken by the College. It donates funds for the cause of education, offers scholarships and organizes blood donation camps. The Association maintains regular contact with the past students through periodic newsletters. A website has been created to facilitate interaction between the Alumni and the Alma Mater. The Association meets on the last Sunday of January every year for its General Body meeting. The Executive Body meets as often as necessary under the direction of the Principal who is the local delegate for the past pupils.

TIRUPATTUR – 635 601 – Vellore Dist.
Cell – 94433 89661

The Cradle of Salesians in South India, from 1934. Most missionaries and all aspirants passed through this house.
Sacred Heart College was started in 1951, has 2450 students in 10 departments with UG and PG and M.Phil Courses. Three Depts can give Ph.D. 5 hosels with 800 students . 4 for boys, 1 for girls. Pioneers, Fr. Caregno, Fr. Med, Pianazzi… Lots of outreach activities, school dropout prevention programme, village apostolate, SHG activities, Chaplaincies to two FMA convents. About 600 catholics study here. Community has 23 confreres. FMA Collaboration in girls hostel. Fr. Jose is Rector and Fr. Antonyraj is principal



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