The province of Chennai and Trichy organised Youth Pasch for the youngsters.  by Fr. Mani Lazar SDB
    Chennai, Apr. 19. 2017 The province of Chennai and Trichy organised Youth Pasch for the youngsters of their provinces to give them the spiritual exercise of the Holy Week. The Youth Pasch 2017 lasted for four days, from 13th April (Maundy Thursday) to 16th April (Easter Sunday) at Camp Don Bosco, Yelagiri Hills, Vellore Dt. The aim of this Pasch was to help the youngsters to know the biblical and liturgical significance of the Holy Week and to be a leaven in their own parish communities. The event was filled with 88 enthusiastic youngsters from Trichy (20) and Chennai (68) Provinces. Fr. Antony Christy and Fr. Mani Lazar, animated the sessions. Fr. Barnabas, Fr. Selvakumar, Fr. Parthiban and Sr. Mary Putti were the group animators and Br. Clement assisted the youngsters in all their needs. The Youngsters were also privileged to have Fr. Selvaraj, Fr. Alex, Fr. Kamalesh and Fr. Francis Xavier for their confession and spiritual guidance.
    View More Photos The importance of the Holy Friday, the Confession and reflection on last things were taken by Fr. Mani Lazar. He made the youngsters to take an inward journey of their self through Ten Commandments. That was a great help for the youngsters to make a sincere confession and to receive the abundance of grace of God and to renew their life in Catholic faith. The way of the cross was another memorable experience for the youngsters to reflect on the passions of Christ with their own passion. The Holy Saturday was observed with sacred silence and the importance of life was given during the morning meditation. The groups were given five questions to evaluate the Pasch. In the evening we had the common evaluation and discussion and at the end of the evaluation we took three resolutions to follow as we move out of this Youth Pasch.

    Finally we welcomed the risen Lord with the Solemn Eucharistic celebration prepared and animated fully by the youngsters. The Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by Fr. Pinto and Mr. Stephen received Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation. We were filled with immense joy to welcome Mr. Stephen to the Holy Catholic Church. The Easter Sunday was a day out in the Yelagiri Hills. We visited the Salesian Novitiate house at Mangalam and went out for an hour of boating in the lake at Athanavoor. The Pasch came to an end with the solemn Easter Lunch and we departed to our own places to be a leaven in the local Church and in the Society.

    On the whole the Pasch was simply an amazing experience and followed a strategy that offered joy and fun and simultaneously nourished the youngsters spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We thank and pray for all the good souls who had helped us to have this rich Pasch experience.
    Posted by MATTHEWS Dominic