Inauguration of VBS Camp in Pavunjur.  by Fr. Vincent SDB
    Chennai, May. 4. 2017 Fr.  Raj Michael,  the Leader of the community and Fr.  Michael Thomas,  the parish priest of the Holy Family Church and Sr.  Gracy, the superior of the Holy Family Convent were the Chief Guests for the Inauguration of VBS Camp in Pavunjur.  There were 5 more sisters,  14 young people from our Pavunjur Youth Centre as volunteers and 80 boys and girls participated in the function.  The students were divided into 4 teams.  The names are Kuringi,  Mullai,  Markham,  and Neither.
    View More Photos The purpose of the camp is to increase the love on God who is everywhere especially in the nature.  That is why the Title of the camp is Earkaiel Eraivan.  Red, green, yellow and blue are the colours of the teams.  Each team has a captain and a vice captain.  We have appointed 2 volunteers for each team to guide the team.  Fr.  Raj Michael gave the inaugural talk.  There were two vedios played based on savings the nature.  Local Sponsors gave the participants a good tea stuff with cool drinks.  It`s only the presence of God,  Jesus and Mother May made the function really wonderful.

    Fr.  Vincent Prabu is the organiser of the VBS Camp.  Since the brother who should have come here is sick,  a would be Salesian novice Prasanth is leading the camp with the help of Pavunjur DBYC youth.
    Posted by MATTHEWS Dominic