A clarion call to become Specialists of the Family

“The Family in the Church’s Synod: Prospects and Opportunities” - This was the topic of the keynote address of Archbishop Bruno Forte, at the inauguration of The Youth Ministry and Family Congress 2017. He spoke of the Family as the Womb of humanity, the Womb of Social Living, the Womb of Ecclesial Life and the Womb of Faith and Holiness. This set the tone for The Youth Ministry and Family Congress 2017, which was officially opened this evening at the Charmatin Hotel in Madrid, Spain. Over 300 delegates from 80 countries were present for this Congress.

    Earlier, following the traditional prayer service, Fr. Fabio Attard, Salesian, welcomed the delegates of the Congress and challenged the delegates to open up new avenues and propose new strategies for the Youth Ministry, in the future.

    Fr Angel Fernandez Artime, the Rector Major invited everyone to look at the Congress, not just as an ‘academic exercise’ but as an opportunity for new Educational, Pastoral and Evangelization life in the Youth Ministry. “We cannot leave the Family behind in our ministry with the young!” he said, and invited the delegates of the Congress to bring the wisdom of their nations and the richness of the respective cultures to make new relevant educational and pastoral action!

    Alexander A Mello, invited all to renew the charism and build a close relationship between Youth and Family. “We are called to be Specialists of the Family!” he stated.

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    L Anandaraj Savarinathan Province Delegate
    P Mani Lazar Isidore Commission Head
    P John Peter Suvickan Department Directors
    P Mani Lazar Isidore (PYD)-
    P Sundararaj Francis (Scouting)
    P John Peter Suvickan (Scouting)
    P Thomas Mariaraj (Scouting)
    Members from four Regions
    P Balasamy Philip Louie (Chennai)
    P Edward Michael (TPT)
    P Thomas Mariaraj (Vellore)
    P Mathew Rajan (Pondy)


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