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The Vocational Guidance Commission met on August 22, 2017 at The Citadel, Chennai to discuss Career Guidance (CG) programmes being currently implemented.

    Among the positive aspects was that the CG programmes in rural and urban areas by DBV reached more number of rural students. The Commission has received permission for conducting CG in SC/ST schools. Coaching classes for NEET exam preparation can be conducted at minimal cost in all school campuses. CG can be conducted once in a term or twice in a year in Catholic Schools. CG can be conducted once in a year for City students   

    A common place has to be identified to set up the Don Bosco Academy for IAS, which is accessible for everyone from different places.

    Financial support can claimed from Province if any rural Catholic school faces difficult financial constraints. Coaching classes for foreign languages such as Japanese, German can be started in youth centers. Permission from local CEO of Vellore region would be taken for CG classes by Vellore DBV team. Finally, Salesians have to become role models for students.

    At the same time, some negative aspects for implementing the above projects, also cropped up. These were:

    Conducting Career Guidance session for rural students twice or thrice in a year is not possible due to their syllabus and exams. Reviewing the methodology and content of CG has to be done periodically as there is a feedback that DBV CG team shares less information. Initiating IAS Academy in Vazhikaatti facility is not feasible as there are lots of activities being conducted every day.

    The challenges faced were in several areas: Getting approval for conducting CG classes becomes tedious as Government interprets this activity as a means for religious conversion. Conducting the CG sessions in the limited schedule shared by the Schools, was a challenge. Reaching more number of deserving schools for CG in the limited time, before half yearly exams, was found difficult. Organizing all the means for Vocation promotion and collecting and interlinking the database from the colleges for placement support, was difficult.

    Expectation of people is for a reduced fee for coaching classes (Ex. IAS, English, Foreign Language & NEET), while it was noted that they are ready to pay outside institutes

    Some of the suggestions that came up during the meet were:

    -Appointment of Vocational Promoter and a Catholic staff in every Catholic school for vocational follow up. Orientation for the teachers to identify the vocations and pass on the details to Principals for further processing. Vocational guidance for teachers

    -Promoting Vocations through CG - Informing students about vocations as one of the careers to serve people.

    -Organise a Technical Job Fair for ITI. Set up Youth centers & Vazhikaatti centers at parishes. Conduct 3E classes in Chennai  (Eg. TVM Siharam). Catechism classes have to identify the vocations.

    -To utilise a Common Software for data collection for integrating and updating the data from colleges for placement support.


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