Design to Print: 30 hours training at SIGA

In collaboration with Don Bosco, under the aegis of SIGA Chennai, Perfect Digital has scheduled a convenient 3-hour daily training programme to train company-ready professionals in the fields of printing and packaging. Coordinated by Fr. PT Joseph, SIGA and Mr. Bhakia, Perfect Digital. The 10-day programme is scheduled to begin on June 4, 2018. Timing: 7 AM to 10 AM. Fr. John Christy, Rector of SIGA and Mr.Rajesh MD of Perfect Digital wish that many youngsters benefit from this tailor-made package to bridge the gap between the campus life and the world of business.

    This short term program is designed to help the candidates to understand the framework of the graphic supply chain and the essential elements required for taking the packaging from design to print. While at one end it provides an overview of the concept, technical necessities and changing dynamics affecting the print quality of a job, on the other hand it takes the student to the real practical sessions allowing them an exposure and experience of the challenges in preparing and managing a print ready file. The 65 year old veteran SIGA will house the programme to expose the students in its real time print floor.

    After completion of this program, candidate should be able to:-

    1. Understand different Printing process used in Packaging, commercial and their ability and limitations.
    2. Understand and overcome the challenges in the life cycle of a file from design to print.
    3. Predict the technical aspects of printing and build artworks from design files.
    4. Develop ability to apply reprographics to a file and make it print ready.
    5. Understand the basics of Colour Management and Printer profiling.
    6. Develop ability to enter the employment world and adopt easily with the work culture and environment.
    7. Develop ability to understand and communicate effectively with co-workers in the group in the language widely spoken in the industry.

    For those who wish to learn more on design, printing and packaging, a three year diploma programme is available in the campus. Applications are available at

    To contact persons, email to or to or call 9710726810

    Chennai – Rinaldi Juniorate