Don Bosco Arts and Science College’s Compassionate Social Outreach to Cyclone Michaung Victims in Chennai’s Vulnerable Communities

In the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung's devastating impact on Chennai and its surrounding areas, Don Bosco Arts and Science College, Kilpauk, Chennai, demonstrated unwavering solidarity with the communities most affected. On December 9, 2023, the college's compassionate student volunteers, joined by esteemed members of the college administration, embarked on a vital relief mission to provide essential assistance to those in need in the neighborhoods of Vyasarpadi, MKB Nagar, TP Chattaram, and Chetpet.

    Cyclone Michaung had left these communities grappling with immense challenges, as families found themselves displaced, and access to basic necessities became an urgent concern. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Don Bosco Arts and Science College launched a comprehensive relief operation, with a specific focus on areas where the cyclone’s impact was most acute.

    Fr. Raj Kumar, Rector and Secretary of the college, Fr. Sagayaraj Kasi, Fr. Leo (The Director of SURABI), and Fr. Joe Anand, alongside the dedicated student volunteers, played instrumental roles in ensuring that aid reached those facing adversity in Vyasarpadi, MKB Nagar, TP Chattaram, and Chetpet.

    The relief mission was marked by the distribution of a wide range of essential supplies, including: First Aid Provisions: Ensuring immediate medical care for those injured or in distress. Basic Necessities: Providing food, clean water, clothing, and essential hygiene items to families grappling with shortages. Blankets and Shelter Materials: Offering warmth and comfort to those who had lost their homes. These provisions were aimed not only at addressing immediate needs but also at providing a sense of hope and resilience to the affected families, who were navigating the challenging aftermath of the cyclone. “In times of adversity, it is both our duty and privilege to stand in support of those in need,” emphasized Fr. Raj Kumar, Rector and Secretary of Don Bosco Arts and Science College. Our institution has always upheld the values of community service and social responsibility, and this relief effort exemplifies these enduring principles. Fr. Sagayaraj Kasi added, Our presence in these neighbourhoods is a tangible demonstration of our enduring commitment to stand by our community during times of crisis.

    Don Bosco Arts and Science College’s dedication to service remains unwavering, as it continues to support Chennai’s most vulnerable communities in the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung.  As Chennai works diligently toward recovery, the college stands as a beacon of hope, providing vital assistance to the areas most affected.

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