Don Bosco Relief Services – COVID 19 Response – INM

Day 1: Introduction:
The 21-day lockdown has come to an end today. Prime Minister of the country has announced the extension of the complete lockdown of the country till May 3 2020. The poor have been left to fend for themselves for next 19 days.

    • Distribution of Hygiene kits
    • Distribution of Dry Ration
    • Distribution of Cooked food

    Day 2: Introduction:
    Auto rickshaw is the most populous and cheapest mode of transport in Tamil Nadu. Due to the lockdown transportation inside the cities were cut down. The auto rickshaw drivers are fully affected by they also come under the daily wages’ category. DBRS reached the Auto rickshaw drivers by offering them Dry ration & Groceries for their family and Special Children kit.

    • Distribution of Dry Ration
    • Distribution of Groceries
    • Distribution of special
    children kit

    Day 3: COVID-19 lockdown locks down farmers’ income A farm crisis is staring at us. In the last few days, we have seen so many examples of farmers throwing away their produce due to crash in the prices. There is a great deal of distress. Two farmers, who were unable to sell their produce, have committed suicide in the first week of lockdown (one each in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka). It is a grim situation for both farmers as well as agricultural labor.

    Understanding the dire need of the farmers, DBRS has been reaching out to the farmers who work as daily laborer’s in the farms owned by landlords. 798 Families from 18 villages in and around Nedugadu, Karaikal have been assisted with dry ration.

    • Distribution of Dry Ration
    Location Reached
    • 18 villages Nedungadu in Karaikal

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