Don Bosco relief services (DBRS) Chennai Province

HIGHLIGHTS 1. COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness in the Rural Villages of Tamil Nadu 2. COVID-19 Care Extension Centres 3. Distribution of Dry Ration Kits 4. Distribution of Medical Kits – Experience of the COVID-19 Survivors

    1. COVID 19 Vaccine Awareness in the rural Villages of Tamil Nadu To win this war against COVID 19, we have to ensure that everyone who is eligible gets vaccinated. Many people are still not taking the vaccine as there has been a lot of misinformation surrounding the vaccines and their development. To raise awareness
    among the people and debunk the myths related to vaccinations, DBRS-SURABI initiated the COVID 19 Vaccination Awareness Campaign in 11 Northern Districts of Tamil Nadu. This drive is being held in collaboration with 50 salesian communities. Through this campaign we have planned to distribute 1 lakh vaccination awareness flyers to the rural population and 12,000 masks. We have distributed 33,500 flyers and 4300 masks till this week.

    2. COVID 19 Care Extension Centres Amidst the grave Covid-19 second wave, DBRS-SURABI has launched a Covid Care Centre in Don Bosco Primary & Higher Secondary School compound, Perambur. All of the 75 beds are oxygenated beds. These facilities are coordinated by Dr. Mahesh MBBS with a team of Doctors (8) and Nurses (22). As per the State’s Health department’s revised protocol ‘Those patients with the oxygen saturation level (SpO2) 90-94 should be admitted in a nearby primary healthcare centre or COVID 19 Care Centre and if the saturation level
    falls below 90, they need to be shifted to medical college hospitals/government hospitals/dedicated Covid-19 hospitals’. This centre is serving to the poor urban slum patients who are diagnosed with COVID. It is bound to cater prompt medical care to Vyasarpadi slum area which is interwoven with Perambur.

    3. Distribution of Dry Ration Kits In these tough times, everyone is worried about something new unfolding each day. With businesses shut and shops closed, daily wagers and migrant labourers are struggling to survive and make ends meet during this lockdown period. Their livelihoods have been severely affected by curbs imposed by the State Government in a bid to restrict the fast spreading viral disease. They are now being faced with the twin burden of surviving against deadly COVID-19 as well as battling hunger on a daily basis. To help ease the situation, DBRS-SURABI in coordination with Salesian Communities distributed 1085 Dry Ration Kits.

    4. Distribution of Medical Kits – Experience of the COVID-19 Survivors, Thermometer, Stream Inhaler, Multivitamin Tablets, Nutritious Powder.

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