Encouraging the youth to be more committed

The need of the hour is to strengthen the Youth Ministry and make it more vibrant. “The very DNA of our Charism is serving the poor and abandoned young,” said Fr. Bosco, Vice Provincial, addressing the INM Province Youth delegates at The Citadel on January 23, 2018.

    Further elaborating, the Vice Provincial said, “Every youth centre needs to prepare A YOUTH CHART based on the following data, to have a clear picture of the youth mission in our Salesian presences. It consists of three phases: Phase 1 - Situation analysis; Phase 2 - Existing situation, and Phase 3 - Detailed profile of registered members. There is a need to visit families of our young people in order to have personal contact. This will help to prepare a youth chart which will give a clear picture of the young who come to us. This youth profile will furnish details like orphans, semi-orphans, college going, working class and jobless, etc.”

    An important requirement is to prepare an annual plan and budget together with the community, at the beginning of the academic year. The planner should find ways and means to incorporate the best practices of the past and continue to introduce newer methods creatively.

    The following are salient points noted from the sharing of Youth Directors:

  • Youth Ministry structure has to be changed; it should be unanimous, clear and common.
  • Orientation needed at the beginning of the academic year about youth pastoral ministry to the directors and to our target group to have a clear understanding.
  • When problems arise in creating structure according to the province and the universal Salesian praxis and practice, Vice Provincial and Province Youth Director need to appear to solve the problems.
  • Annual youth program calendar need to be fixed incorporating province level and local level programs.
  • Need to form young minds to take up leadership and to manage by themselves, to be more effective and sustainable.
  • It is observed that there is a lack of youth leader formation. It needs to follow and form young people who will take the lead (duty of Youth Director and Salesian Community).
  • Assistant Youth Director post should be appointed after due consultation and avoid election. The favorable candidate should have worked for a long time with a good moral reputation.
  • Clerics need to be formed and motivated to commit themselves to get involved in youth centre work (active presence among the young). The Rector has to make clear understanding to clerics about their roles and responsibilities in youth centres.
  • To make youth ministry more vibrant in the province, there is a need to appoint additional province level youth director and could be divided into another region to operate the mission more effectively. It is crucial because, among the six priorities of the province, five are directly dealing with youth ministry.
  • FMA’s can collaborate with SDB’s as we are also dealing with girls in the parish setting to make our youth ministry more fruitful, and we share a common mission.
  • In many of our presences the youth director doesn’t get the support of the community which is the root cause of ineffective youth work in some of our presences.
  • We need to study the possibility to provide football coaches to our youth centres to prevent our young people going out.
  • It is important to draw a budget and allocate funds for youth ministry in province level and community level to bring life to youth ministry.
  • There is a great need to prepare manpower to improve quality service to the young, both lay and Salesian.
  • The good works started by the present province Youth Director should be continued as it is appreciated and accepted by the young in province level:
  • 1. Youth Pasch Movement
    2. Savio Altar Servers Movement
    3. Bosco Blood Donors Movement
    4. Bosco Karuthu Kalam
    5. Bosco Brass Band
    6. DB Voice
    7. Bosco Folk Arts
    8. Bosco Volunteers
    9. Training of Clerics YM
    10. Training of Lay YM
    11. Youth Counseling Cell

  • We need to consolidate youth groups according to Eligibility, Leadership, Membership, etc.
  • Commissions
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