Formation of Groups and Movements

“The formation of several Groups and Movements is something special to our Province. I invite everyone to become aware of the congregation’s dynamism and expectations regarding this and the members are requested to come forward and discuss the challenges faced,” said Fr. Vice Provincial, in his address to the Social Experience Commission meet on August 22, 2017 at The Citadel, Chennai.

    Throwing light on certain aspects of Social Experience, he said that the dynamism of this movement for the purpose of a ‘social experience’ can be achieved only through frequent meetings and effective implementation of decisions. The number of groups existing were enumerated for better discussion and clarification and the committee was invited to look into the possibilities of bringing all the clubs under “SYM”. He suggested that everything should be called as one single movement, namely, “Don Bosco Youth Movement”. The group was asked to discuss different methodologies to follow and coordinate.

    “Scouts/JRC/GC/ should be made compulsory in our schools and periodical meetings are needed to have interlinks between GM and Vocational Guidance to make it more effective. I appreciate the initiatives of some of our Confreres who had the inauguration of Youth Pastoral in their communities. I suggest that CRB should recruit a person 3 years before and prepare them to organize groups and movements,” he stated.

    He quoted the example of Fr. Jagat Gaspar who, all alone, initiated the “Regreen Project” in Tamil Nadu. “His creative idea has attracted the whole state to get into this work. We should also begin such projects and initiatives,” he pointed out.

    Fr. Vice Provincial made a special reference to the Scouts that has taken important place in Tamil Nadu. He also praised the involvement and special interests of Fr. John Peter Suvackin and Fr. Thomas Mariaraj.

    Suggestions from members:

    Every boy in the school should be involved in any one group. Fr. Thomas said that he has this practice in his school. It was brought to the knowledge of the group that the Government itself is very particular that every student should be part of one group.

    It was suggested that when a teacher is appointed for an aided post, it should be received in writing that the particular teacher would involve himself in organizing groups and movements.

    The Province should set aside one day for one commission for a deeper discussion and planning.

    Fr. Mani Lazar, who was asked to present to the group some of the important aspects of the G&M, said that SYM – Salesian Youth Movement is a self-informed alternative movement. “We can have any number of movements but all should come under SYM. All groups come under 6 dimensions. Individuals should not be left to create groups on their own; it should be properly channelized,” he said. It was suggested as an immediate step to classify all the groups.

    The entire school should be part of GYM and time should be given during school hours for animation.

    “JRC/RSU/NCC/Scouts/NSS/Scouts have motives and purposes, while Rovers and Rangers are into service. Boys should be encouraged even in 11th Std to join scouts. Later they can join in college too. Government funds certain groups like NSS/NCC/NGC. We can make use of the funds given by the Government. Instead of NSS introduce Rovers, when it is needed to work in village, they will be comfortable to work in casuals,” said Fr. Lazar.

    Compulsory Groups in the Schools:


    The compulsory groups in the schools are – Prayer Group, Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls, JRC, NSS – (Matric: Rovers and Rangers), NCC (where possible), Red Ribbon – GVT, NGC – National Green Corps, RSP – Road Safety Patrol, Consumer Club, Media Club, Associations: Literary Clubs (Language/Science/Maths).

    The Optional Groups were: Personality Development Cell – PDC, Health Club – compulsory, Readers Club and Library. 


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