Healing through Art

On June 23 rd and 24 th 2018, Niraivagam – Don Bosco Institute of Psychological Services (DBIPS) conducted two days workshop on "Art Therapy" at DBICA hall in 'The Citadel'. This was the last workshop of the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course level II.

    Expressive Arts Therapy is a therapy form which involves music, dance, drama, storytelling, and craft as a medium to explore the mind. Ms. Geethamani who is a professional ‘Art Therapist’ and Ms. Crystal Pereir from ‘East west center for counseling and training’ were the resource persons for the two day workshop. The participants for the workshop are qualified postgraduates either in Clinical Social Work or Psychology and practitioners providing mental health interventions in various settings.

    The participants of the workshop were made to self-introspect and reveal different facets of their personality through this expressive medium. They also became aware of their own negative behaviours that were holding them back in their professional and personal lives. Some even got to know what they were seeking deep within and what was missing in their lives.

    The most noteworthy feature of the entire two day session was the interest of participants in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT). Participants got the opportunity to experience the therapeutic effects of dance in a short span of 5 minutes. This was quite an astonishing revelation to many.

    The two days sessions were very rewarding and learning experience for most of the participants who hoped to touch the lives of their clients through this medium of expression of emotions.

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