The Heart of Educating India

Organised by Don Bosco Youth Animation - South Asia, New Delhi and partnered by India Didactics Association, in collaboration with Don Bosco College of Arts and Science, Kilpauk, Chennai and supported by Don Bosco Mission Bonn, the National Symposium on The Heart of Educating India: Don Bosco system of education in dialogue with 21st century educators, is an attempt to initiate a quality dialogue among educators on the important theme of the ‘heart’ and the ‘art’ of educating India.

    As the title suggests, on the one hand it is to focus on the 'heart' and 'art' of the educational process, and on the other, consider 'India' as the subject and referent of the educational endeavour. The subtitle of the symposium highlights the four-fold objectives:
    To analyse the present system of education in India;
    To explore the alternative systems of education in India;
    To revitalise Don Bosco's system of education and in this way;
    To possibly evolve orientations and strategies for improving the present system of education in India.

    The two-day symposium is currently going on at Don Bosco College of Arts and Science, Kilpauk, Chennai. Panel Session I on February 16 is on Education Fast Forward: Taking Stock and on February 17, in Panel Session II, it will be on Fast Forwarding Education: Making it Happen.

    “Organising a symposium is a unique experience indeed! We wanted to create an occasion at which people who have profound knowledge in education, meet and discuss in depth, various issues connected with it,” says Dr. Maria Charles SDB, Convenor and Director, DBYA-SA, New Delhi.

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