Highlighting the importance of Social Awareness

Social awareness is an important topic which needs to be taught to the students, for it would help them to analyse the society critically and understand the truth. The animation by Mr. Stephen Raj at DBBH Gedilam, Laura Girl’s Home in Matanoodai was held on January 7, 2018 in which 196 students participated.

    In the first session for the boys, they were divided into two groups to ensure they had a better understanding of the concepts. Political, educational, cultural and medical awareness were given and after the animation a small evaluation was conducted for the students to check their understanding about social awareness.

    In the second session, the animation was given to the students of Laura girl’s home. They were also divided into two groups, for better understand of the concepts. Compared to the students of higher secondary, the high school students were found to be very active in the class. They were very keen to ask many questions and get their doubts cleared.

    Gedilam – Maranodai
    Veeralur – Adamangalam

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