Initiatives for better administration of Boardings and Hostels

The members of the Commission for Boardings and Hostels - Fr. Edwin Vasanthan, Fr. Francis Xavier, Fr. Sebastian Muthuraj, Fr. Gnanamani, Fr. Paul Mark and Fr. Louis Irudayasamy attended the Boardings and Hostels Meet on June 18, 2017 at Don Bosco Boy’s Home in Gandhi Nagar, Vellore, to discuss several important matters.

    It was decided that those houses that look after the children in conflicts and special category children could be registered under the JJB Act and the rest of the houses could be registered under Hostels Act of Tamil Nadu Government.

    A software programme prepared by the YAR commission could be utilized by all the Boardings in order to have a better follow-up of the children and provide more holistic guidance to them. Father Edwin Vasanthan was entrusted to take up this task and to arrange for the same. He will also take up the task to formulate a province level policy for the orphans.

    There was also a proposal that the SURABI department collaborates with other commissions to evolve a comprehensive plan for those institutes that are in the tribal and rural areas. The EPP for each institute should be prepared well and strictly adhered to.

    Fr. Edwin Vasanthan contacted the YAR coordinator to facilitate the installation of the ChildMiss software programme. It was suggested that a person trained in this software makes a visit to all the houses, installs and trains someone from the houses and follows them up. At the same time, the same person can help the houses to do the registration for JJB or the Hostels Act for the needed houses. The rough draft of the policy for the orphans in the province is also prepared and circulated for opinions from other confreres.


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