INM PC 2022 – Day 5 (26.02.22) : Provincial declares INM PC2022 closed.

Highlights of the Final Day of INM PC 2022 – 26.02.2022

The Moderator took up Varia section. It was informed that one-third of the majority of the members should vote in favor to approve it. Of the 29 topics, 15 were taken up for discussion by the Assembly with the one-third of majority. All the 15 topics were discussed in depth and a quite a many were deliberated. This discussions on the Varia were very genuine concern of the Province for its growth. And so, it resulted in many concrete deliberations.
Finally, the Moderator concluded the chapter discussions on Varia at 5:15 p.m.
Then, Fr. L. Don Bosco, the Vice Provincial of INM invited Fr.K. M.Jose, the Provincial of INM to release the Obituary letters and give away copies as detailed below:

The Obituary letter of Fr. P.E. Antony was given to Fr. Sitarasu, the Obituary letter of Fr. Peter Mathew was given to Fr. Alex Thomas, Fr. Gerard’s Obituary letter of was given to Fr. John Peter, while the Obituary letter of Fr. Martin was given to Fr. David. The Obituary letter of Fr. Basil was given to Fr. Deva Joe. Fr. Provincial thanked each of the confreres for their hard work in bringing out these Obituary letters in order to keep alive their memory. Fr. Provincial also released the book titled ‘Teacher 2.0’ in which Fr. Edwin George had also contributed by writing a chapter.
Fr. Deva Joe informed the Chapter members about the synodal discussions taking place in our dioceses. Fr. Ernest introduced to the Chapter members about the NEWS DESK for the INM Province which will include restructuring and reorganizing all the activities of our houses. Fr. John Britto informed the Chapter members about the advantages of using Artifical Intelligence. Fr. John Christy announced the YOUTH PASCHA celebrations for all the INM catholic youth at Ennore during the Holy Week.
Fr. K. M. Jose Provincial thanked all the members who worked for the success of INM PC 2022 with many recommendations for the growth of our Province.
After a short break, members gathered in the Chapter Hall for the final day Holy Eucharistic celebration, which was presided over by Fr.K.M. Jose, the INM Provincial. After mass, the Moderator thanked all the supportive staff of the Citadel community who helped out for the success of INM PC 2022. He also thanked all the other Commission Heads who helped in preparing the Chapter documents, secretaries, observers, scrutineers and the Provincial Council members for the support rendered toward the INM PC 2022. At the end, Fr. Provincial thanked again the Moderator for his commited work for the INM PC 2022. He then officially declared INM PC2022 closed.

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