It was indeed a solemn yet sombre celebration, just like a mirage in the desert. Yet, this was no illusion but a reality. On 28th April 2021, FIVE young men were ordained as priests for the Catholic Church and for the Salesian Congregation! The unprecedented second pandemic wave raging across India had again threatened to postpone this long-awaited event scheduled for December 2020 and had even seen last minute twists and turns in the planning and preparation. Still the five young men were only too willing to sacrifice many external necessities for such occasions adhering to pandemic protocols as the situation demanded, in order to become consecrated and permanent WITNESSES TO LOVE.
    1. Arockia Anbu
    2. Arun Sagayaraj
    3. Gabriel Selvakumar
    4. Gabriel Paulraj. C
    5. Devaraj Jayaraj

    His Lordship Archbishop Emeritus Chinnappa Malayappan SDB, DD., graciously consented at the eleventh hour to ordain these five young Salesian Deacons into the Royal Priesthood of Melchizedek. The Salesian community of Don Bosco, Katpadi, within short notice, went out of their way, to accommodate the family members and chosen special invitees for this memorable Eucharistic celebration. The hall was decked up for this magnum liturgical celebration which was telecast live to the whole world and the only source of consolation for the thousands who could not be present in person at the venue, in the process being notched in digital memory forever!

    We are grateful to all those who were present and to all those who helped in some way or the other to make this ceremony a real special one. We wish these five newly-ordained priests immense blessings as they begin their priestly ministry at the peak of the pandemic. Those holy-anointed hands will have to break THE BREAD OF LIFE and be ready to reach out to the needy who await eagerly to receive bread for life.

    On the 27th of April 2021, the Salesian Province of St. Thomas, Chennai (INM) was gifted with ELEVEN new DEACONS this year. One Deacon from Bangalore Province (INK) was also ordained on the same day. We are immensely grateful to His Lordship Most Rev. George Antonysamy DD., Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore for ordaining them.

    The ceremony took place in the crypt of St. Thomas, the Apostle, Santhome-Mylapore, in Chennai. Due to the pandemic situation, participants and invitees for the liturgical ceremony was toned down. Still, the newly-ordained Deacons were full of energy and vowed to serve HIM and HIM alone.

    We wish them all the best in the Diaconate ministry and hope to see them soon as ordained Priests in HIS service.

    New Deacons 2021

    1. George Joseph
    2. Antonysamy Albert Nelson
    3. Charles Lieo
    4. Christopher Arockia Vincent
    5. Devadass Oswalt
    6. Jayasimmon G.L.
    7. Lourdu Anthony Raj
    8. Kolas Periyanayagam
    9. Balasingam Peter
    10. Pushparaj Michaelraj
    11. Yesubalan Suresh
    12. Fidel Thachil (INK)

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