Labor welfare Initiative

We orchestrated a comprehensive labor welfare initiative in Malayambakkam, Katrambakkam. The event commenced with an uplifting song performed by Brother Ashishi, setting a vibrant tone for the day. Following this, Miss Sakshi delivered an impactful speech on Women's Empowerment, igniting inspiration among attendees.

    Mr. Prabhat passionately addressed the gathering on labor welfare issues, while Miss Radha shed light on the critical facets of health and hygiene. Brother Ashish delved into a thought-provoking discussion on the challenges of addiction. Additionally, Father Roshan introduced the invaluable Don Bosco Migrants services, highlighting their significance in aiding migrants.

    Brothers Syril and David orchestrated engaging party games, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and joy. As the Master of Ceremonies, I guided the proceedings smoothly. With approximately 45 migrants present, the event culminated in the distribution of refreshments, fostering a sense of community and support.

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