Mobile Phone Addiction Awareness

Don Bosco Migrant Services work for intra state migrants in Kannagi Nagar and Perumbakam. DBMS main focus is to develop Kannagi Nagar and Perumbakam people. For this, DBMS consistently take measures and conduct various programs for their development. On this context an awareness program related to mobile addiction was conducted to 115 11th class students of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Kannagi Nagar. Mr. Gopal, staff of DBMS arranged the program with the support of Mrs. Anandeshwari, Head Mistress and Ms. Rajalaxmi, staff of DBMS animated the session.

    Firstly, all the students were made to sit in the smart room of the schools. There were 65 girl students and 50 boy students from both bio maths and commerce group. Then, Ms. Rajalaxmi introduced herself to the group and explained about the objective of the program.

    The session started with the meaning of addiction. Ms. Rajalaxmi enumerated what is addiction and made them understand that any kind of addiction will disturb one’s day to day activities. Then she proceeded with the reasons to get addicted to mobile phones. She threw the question to the students and some of them answered. Their answers were like because of Instagram, games and YouTube. Ms. Rajalaxmi gave some reasons namely: Instagram, games, relationship, videos, cinema and pornography.

    Ms. Rajalaxmi said about the biological reason behind the addiction. So, she explained about the dopamine hormone and its secretion. Surprisingly, one of the students also talked about this. Then she went forward with how a 30 secs video reduces one’s patience level and observing capacity. She also said about the time consumption. And then, she also explained the strategy behind a game’s invention. She described about the psychological factors of games which make the people to get addicted. After this, she also talked about movies and animations. Later, she elucidated on pornography and its addiction. She said how pornography affects one’s day to day activities. Then she moved on with cyber crimes because of mobile phone addiction and social medias.

    Finally, she enumerated about the affects and consequences of mobile phone addiction and went with the solutions. She said about the mental, physical problems and added the academic performances. The solutions which were suggested were to control the use. She asked the students to use mobile phones with knowledge of why are they using. Limit has to be maintained.

    In conclusion note, Mr. Gopal talked about a real incident of a girl’s abuse via mobile phone. He said how a person is getting abused because of these unwanted online posts. He also asked the students to think about their image after doing some mischiefs. Then, both Mr. Gopal and Ms. Rajalaxmi thanked the students and completed the session at 4pm. Then, a group photo was taken.On the whole, it was a successful program.

    Lastly, Mr. Gopal and Ms. Rajalaxmi thanked the Head Mistress of the school.

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