National delegates meet nodal officer Dr. Manivelan

Dr. Manivelan, a Nodal officer from the Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services, convened with our National DB4M companions at the DMS Campus. At precisely 11:30 am, all national delegates assembled to engage in discussions with Dr. Manivelan. Before delving into an enlightening session on occupational health and safety (OHS), Mr. Deepak provided a succinct introduction to the esteemed doctor. During the session, Dr. Manivelan shed light on how unorganized employees are treated and shared insights into the workings of the Tamil Nadu government. He presented findings from his comprehensive study on OHS specifically focused on construction workers in Tamilnadu. The Mobile Ambulance Clinic Services’ strategies and practices for enhancing worker well-being were also discussed. With a focus on benefiting both construction workers and other unorganized laborers, Dr.Manivelan offered an explanation of OHS measures that should be implemented.He delved into various challenges encountered by himself and his colleagues while identifying infections and ensuring proper usage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Furthermore, he elaborated upon specific case studies that exemplified different OHS concerns faced by construction workers.Finally,During his presentation, he emphasized how dedication contributed to his professional growth as well as earning him respect from both society at large as well as governmental authorities.

    Dr. Manivelan expressed that due to the unavailability of accurate data on migrants, his ability to provide assistance was limited. However, he was pleased to meet our delegates and made a commitment to cooperate for the well-being of all. Our national delegation members had their uncertainties addressed by him. He further mentioned that in order to establish a strong network with other departments, he would assist us in locating doctors and obtaining relevant contact information for potential locations. This would enable us to communicate with the appropriate individuals and collaborate on welfare initiatives. Additionally, he informed us about a scheduled Google Meet meeting where discussions would take place regarding other occupational health and worker welfare-related matters. I am optimistic that this exposure will enhance our understanding of the policies and programs planned by the TN government. Following a group photograph, Fr. Simolin extended gratitude towards Dr.Manivelan for his warm welcome and informative session on occupational health and safety (OHS).

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