Promoting the brotherhood vocation

To promote Brotherhood vocation in the provinces and to give importance to it, the annual meeting of INM and INT Brothers in the presence of two Provincials and two Vice Provincials, took place on August 25 and 26 at The Citadel, Chennai.

    Father Don Bosco, the Vice Provincial of INM was present throughout on both days of the meet which saw twenty brothers, out of a total strength of 22, participating.

    Several points were discussed at length out of which the following emerged as important ones for action in the coming years:

    To promote Brotherhood vocation, Rectors should speak more often to the community and the boys.

    Seminar on brotherhood vocation should be conducted for the students of theology.

    Salesian brothers should have visible sign as a dress code. Cassock to be distributed to the brothers since it is not the only dress code of clergy.

    December 5, ‘The feast of Bl. Philip Rinaldi’ is to be celebrated as Brothers Day.

    Those who are eligible should attend seminars conducted for ongoing formation. The recommended age group is from 30 to 60 years old.

    The provincial will make sure that at least one Salesian brother is appointed in the formation houses. If not, at least one brother goes and stays a week in the formation houses.

    The Salesian who is in charge of the province level functions should allot a place that will uphold the brothers and it will be a visible sign for others.

    During profession and important times, brother’s presence to be acknowledged and could be invited to witness the profession like provincial council member.

    There should be a “Province Organic Plan” for brothers.

    Brothers are to be encouraged and honoured when they hold a post in the community and allowed to function with a sense of respect.

    Salesian Brothers should speak and share the concerns of the house in the house assembly, house councils and provincial council meetings, as well.

    Tirupattur – Sacred Heart College
    Tirupattur – Sacred Heart College
    Tirupattur – Sacred Heart College
    Tirupattur – Sacred Heart College