Rector Major begins INM Visit with the Holy Eucharist

The Rector Major commenced his official visit to INM with the Eucharistic celebration at 12.30 p.m. today, 6 th September 2019, along with the INM Provincial Council members along with the Salesians of the Provincial House Citadel community and Rinaldi Juniorate. It served as a reminder for all of us of Art. 88 of our Constitutions ‘Where the community is made one by the Eucharist in order to draw energy and endurance in the work of the young.’ The Holy Mass was presided over by the Rector Major Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime SDB and concelebrated by all the Salesians priests present, including the Regional and the Provincial Team. The Mass was of St. John Bosco, because the Rector Major said that he was very much fascinated by the heart of Don Bosco which attracted so many youth and wished that all of us could also have a heart for the young.

    In his homily he reminded us about the State of Salesian Congregation at the time Don Bosco’s death. There was a lot of uncertainty at that time about the Congregation’s future! There were only 773 Salesians and a serious thought was given about amalgamating the Congregation with the Congregation of Christian brothers! The Rector Major affirmed that if not for the work of the Holy Spirit we would have not survived. He urged that if we remain faithful to the Lord then our Congregation will flourish and survival should not be our concern at all, rather, we should be focused on acquiring the qualities of humility and fidelity. He concluded saying that, when the young people were asked to answer the question “What kind of Salesians for the youth of today?’ in preparation for GC28, the cry of the youth from all over the world was: We need Salesians who will be present with us and accompany us in our life. They were not expecting any material needs or our big institutions. He added that this was the cry of young people around the world irrespective of the varied cultural diversity. Let us thus be and become Salesians with and for the young!


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