Study Techniques at Thurumbar community hall, Aarani on September 10, 2017, Animated by Mr Stephen Raj.

Though there were only seven participants, it was one of the best animations. Since it was a smaller group it was easy to get the attention of the children who were very active and attentive. Concept mapping was one of the techniques for which the children were asked to do an exercise. After the animation, with the help of the youngsters of that locality, some party games were conducted for the children.

    PF, ESI, RTI & Apprentice Act at St. Joseph’s ITI, Katpadi, on September 16, 2017, Animated by Mr. Stephen Raj.

    After an introduction by Bro. Maria Fernandez, the training for the ITI students was done in two parts. The first part of the training was about ESI and PF, during which the importance and benefits of the ESI were discussed. The second phase of training was about RTI and Apprentice act. The purpose and the role of an apprentice, the role of an employer, the details of stipend and the working hours of the apprentice were taught to the students. RTI, being a new topic, the political and social need of it was discussed. The procedure for applying and getting reply was also taught to the students.

    Legal Safeguards of Women at VIA, Adamangalam on September 18, 2017, Animated by Fr. Jose and Mr. Stephen Raj

    This animation was purely for the self-help group leaders. The motivation behind this animation was to equip the leaders to animate their own group members. The entire animation was done by Fr. Jose who is a lawyer. He simplified all the laws that are related to women and made write down whatever he taught. There were about 8 laws which were discussed with them.

    He also shared a few case studies that he had undertaken in the past; with those examples he was simplifying the laws as understandable for the rural women.

    Legal Safeguards of Women at VIA, Adamangalam on September 21, 2017, Animated by Fr. Jose, Fr. Valan and Mr. Stephen Raj

    The training for the self-help group women was divided into two sessions. The first was a group discussion on the power and capabilities of women. All of them were divided into five groups, and they were asked to discuss the topic among themselves and present it after the discussions. Afterwards Fr. Jose consolidated all of them and concluded the first session.

    The second session was sharing knowledge about the laws that are related to protection of women. Here again they were divided into 4 groups and the leaders of the groups were asked to share whatever they learned in the previous training programme. After the sharing Fr. Jose elaborated on various legal provisions of women and clarified their doubts.

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