To ensure a gadgets-free life for children

Mobile phones and gadgets are ruling the present generation. Both the parents and youngsters do not realize the threat of having or using mobile phones. During a session for parents and teachers conducted by Mr. Stephen Raj at Don Bosco Mat. Hr. Sec School, Tirupattur, 180 participants were split into two groups for a discussion on the topic - Gadgets-free children.

    During the session ‘10 reasons why children should stop using the mobile phones’ was discussed. For many parents, this was a first-time regarding the usage of mobile phones. Though there is a threat due to unchecked use of phones and other gadgets by the children, a few parents were trying to justify that it was the need of the society. The present situation is that life without mobile phones is unimaginable, they felt. The reason for all of this is because of the dilution of the joint family system and our educational system itself, felt some of the parents.

    Tirupattur – Don Bosco