Don Bosco – Salesian Bulletin (English)


Vision and Mission

The Salesian Bulletin as an official publication of the Salesian Congregation, founded by Don Bosco, is the living presence of Don Bosco in the world of today to spread the Salesian spirit and foster a sense of belonging, it strives to promote the Salesian Movement, involving it in the Salesian Mission. It is a means of information and formation to promote the Salesian Vision of the world.

It permeates the local culture with particular attention to youth and ordinary pople in simple, dignified language. The Salesian Bulletin actively promotes the Catholic Faith and unites all people of goodwill to create a world of harmony, justice and peace.

History of the Magazine

In India, the ‘Don Bosco Salesian Bulletin’ (English) was started in 1956. Over the years various salesian provinces of India have begun their own salesian Bulletins in the principal languages of the region. Thus we have today a number of regional Salesian Bulletins. However, throughout there was only one English Edition of the salesian Bulletin for the whole of India and it is still run from Madras (today renamed `Chennai’). Salesian Bulletin (English) has done great service particularly to Salesian India, to the Salesian Family and to the numerous Catholic Families.

• To spread the right values of living according to the Gospel
• To conscientise the poor, the women, the Dalits, etc. regarding their dignity and rights
• To guide the youth along the right path of life, to provide career guidance, etc.
• Giving importance to ‘Salesian’ and ‘Salesian Family’
• Projecting a positive image of the Salesian Congregation.
• To uphold the teachings of the Church and to animate Catholic families


TODAY SALESIAN BULLETIN IS THE ONLY CATHOLIC “FAMILY MAGAZINE” IN INDIA with a circulation of 10,000 copies, SENT FREE to the vast majority of readers in almost all the States of India, and a handful of copies to Sri Lanka and Singapore.


• Name: Don Bosco “Salesian Bulletin”
• Year of Foundation: 1956
• Issues per year: 11(While May-June is a combined issue, in December there is a shorter Christmas-special issue)
• Number of copies : 10,000
• Number of pages: 36 including the cover
• Printed in 4-colour and 2 colour
• Format : Demi size
• URL: On-line edition – www.dbbulletinindia.com


The Editor
Don Bosco Bulletin
The Citadel
45 Landons Road
Chennai – 600 010

Phone : +91-44-26612140
Fax : +91-44-26411310



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