JESUS, the True Inspirer
Posted By Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB

Jesus was like that. He was a constant source of inspiration in everything he said and did, and for the last two thousand years, billions have gone back to the accounts of his life to be inspired and directed. What if we could learn how Jesus inspired others and begin to become an inspiration ourself? Now, obviously being the perfect son of God put Jesus in a natural position to be inspiring, but there was much more to it than that. Just remember these traits of Jesus, and give yourself the most powerful inspiration ever!

Biblical Tips on how to be an Inspiration to Others

1. Be Virtuous: This means, no matter in what situation we are in today, we must always hope for the best and keep faith
in things that we want to happen. When we are in pathetic state where we cannot stay or die, at such times what comes
to our rescue is prayer. It is a pure form of communication with the Divine. Jesus Christ used to ask for help, both for
friends and enemies We can also ask for divine help and guidance via prayer.

2. Be always Prudent: The Gospels tell us that Jesus increased his wisdom and stature in favour with God and man. We also
learn how Jesus used scriptures to teach important principles. We also need to read scriptures to make ourselves wise so that we can act wisely in tough situations

3. Be Patient: The Lord is very patient. He will wait for us to follow him without showing any hurry. In the same way, we must be patient enough to receive our blessings because everyone on this earth is equally privileged; no one is less, no one is more. We must practice patience with others as well as ourselves in our efforts to improve.

4. Be Humble and Obedient: It was Almighty’s will that Jesus should come down to earth and so He arrived. Similarly, we must submit our will to God and trust His plans instead of arguing why this and why that. Always be obedient to God and act according to His commandments. This means we must trust God more than we trust our own limited knowledge.

5. Be Kind and Charitable: Jesus was always kind to others which includes his fellow men. Charity was his favourite. He always helped people with his small acts of love. We must always open our eyes and hearts to help the needy along the way and render meaningful service to others every day.

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