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This may seem too unsophisticated and insignificant. Yet, when we are able to inspire others with our consecration in our mission, our community and our personal lives will also be safe on the road to sanctity.


Knowing that you are positively impacting someone’s life is one of the best emotions you can feel like a human being. The sense of joy, happiness, and contentment is delightful for the soul. It is the feeling a doctor feels when he or she saves a patient’s life. It is the feeling a teacher gets from a student who returns for a visit years later and tells him or her that the teacher was the reason he made it into college or to enter into a particular career. It is the feeling parents feel seeing their son or daughter return in military uniform after returning from active duty. There are many different ways to inspire others. Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, your words, actions, and demeanour are being observed by our confreres and our beneficiaries. The impact you make upon others is part of your legacy – what you will be remembered by as you get older and leave this world.

Why Inspiring and Motivating Others is Important

Motivating and inspiring others bring out the best in you. When you are doing something meaningful, your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem get higher. One act of inspiration opens the doors to more opportunities to inspire. In other words, if a person comes up to you and tells you that you were the reason for their success, you get so excited and so overwhelmed with joy that you want to inspire even more people. Inspiration gives your life and your existence meaning. Being a source of inspiration for others gives you satisfaction in knowing your life on earth was impactful. People who inspire report having greater levels of spirituality and meaning. When you inspire others, directly or indirectly, you are evoking feelings of awe and admiration in others, and therefore serving as a source of influence upon them. Knowing you are inspiring and motivating others can help you see the light during the dark moments in your life. Just when you feel like giving up on major goals due to too many obstacles, knowing that you are being looked up to will change your perspective completely. Your inspiration and motivation to help others succeed in life will define your own life.

Today more than ever, people look for Religious whom they can look up to, whose lives are inspiring, who work well in a team without rivalries and divisions. We need to provide opportunities for growth – happy community life, meaningful community prayer, spiritual direction and counselling. In short, our beneficiaries expect us to be true witnesses of the values of Jesus. Inspiration can breathe fresh purpose into our lives. Inspiration enlightens minds. It opens the world of possibility. It can fill us with passion.

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