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RIP : Fr. Vincent Durairaj SDB
Dear Confreres, It is with profound sorrow that we regret to inform you of the...

The first provincial office began functioning at the Assumption Church -Vellore in 1934 and then it was functioning from Broadway from 1937-1941 after which it briefly functioned from Tirupattur due to World War II before returning to Chennai, to the Archbishop’s house then located at St. Mary’s at Armenian street from 1942.

A decade later in 1951-1953 it operated out of St. Joseph’s Technical School at Basin Bridge before returning to Broadway Refuge. Due to busy surroundings there and the presence of cinema houses and the locale being a transport hub, the Rector Major Fr. Aloysius Ricceri recommended shifting it to quieter environment and eventually The Citadel studies owned by Joseph Thaliath in 1968 began to house the provincial house. The press which needed expansion from Basin Bridge, also moved out and came to be settled as SIGA in 1969. Eventually in 1979, the Salesian Publications was launched with a new building to house all publications of the province. The publication wing along with the Development office -SURABI moved to the erstwhile Bosco Illam – SIGA boys hostel as the hostel students moved into their new multi-storeyed home at Rinaldi Juniorate itself in 2012. It was during the time of Fr. Vincent Durairaj as Provincial that the New Provincial House block was constructed. Eventually in 2012, the old provincial house was razed to give birth to the Don Bosco College of Arts and Design -which was inaugurated on 24th October 2013 -as a wing of DBICA, the media wing.

(044) 2641 2124/5/1723 House/Reception
26651932/26612137 House
+9144266 12139 Provincial Office
+914426422792 Vice Provincial Office
+9144264 20963 Economer Office
+919840255732 Province/BIS/INTERCOM
+9181246 31483 DB Foundation Office (DBF)
+9194447 77933 Rector
+9197883 21057 Administrator Provincial Vice Provincial Economer ProvinceSecretary

Deepagam (044) 26428162
DBCAS (044) 26650080
DBICA (044) 26423930
DBYES (044) 42808085
NIRAIVAGAM (044) 26422792
Propaganda (0) 9840123221

Activities And SectorsThe Community at Salesian Provincial House – The Citadel caters to the administration and animation of the Province, especially Provincial and his close collaborators, various departments – DBICA, SURABI, Arumbu Publications, Deepagam, Don Bosco Foundation, Propaganda and other provincial offices at INAYAM Bosco Illam.Province Secretariat: PV, VP, EC, PS offices – Propaganda – SPAC – Don Bosco Foundation (DBF) : Scholarships – Child Educare & Priests Sponsorship programmes. Evangelization & Catechetical Centre: Deepagam. Social Communication: Don Bosco Institute of Communication Arts (DBICA) – Don Bosco College of Arts & Science (DBCAS) – Bosco Information Service (BIS). Don Bosco Youth Empowerment Services (DBYES)Bosco Illam- INAYAM: Province Progress and Development Office (SURABI). Province Publications: DB Salesian Bulletins (Tamil & English) – Arumbu (Tamil Youth Magazine) – Arumbu Publications Forum and Literary animations in schools and colleges. Education & Culture Office (Kalvi Solai). Salesian Family Head Offices: Salesian Co-operators, DB Alumini, VDB. DB District Office: Scouts and Guides.


Bosco Illam-INAYAM
(INM Accompanying Youth Aspirations) 26/17,
Ranganathan Avenue,
Sylvan Lodge Collony,
Kellys, Chennai – 600010


SURABI- Province Development Office
(044) 25320717


Arumbu Publications
26/17, RanganathanAvenue Sylvan
LodgeColony Kellys,
Chennai – 600010


The Salesian Bulletin (English)
(044) 26451991




Kalvi Solai Office


Salesian Cooperators Office
(0) 9444248265- Sec.
Don Bosco Alumni Office
(0) 9840028773


Don Bosco District Office:
P John Peter Suvickan
Scouts & Guides (Tamil Nadu DB Schools)
(0) 9840164561- Sec.

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    P Don Bosco Lourdusamy - VP/R/Dg: Formation

    Contact Person

    P Don Bosco Lourdusamy - VP/R/Dg: Formation

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    location_city Don Bosco Provincial House The Citadel 45, Landons Road, Kilpauk Chennai 600 010 (044) 2641 2124/5/1723 - House/Reception 26651932/26612137 - House +9144266 12139 - Provincial Office +914426422792 - Vice Provincial Office +9144264 20963 - Economer Office +9198402 55732 - Province/BIS/Intercom +9181246 31483 - DB Foundation Office (DBF) +9194447 77933 - Rector +919894050187 - Administrator - Provincial - Vice Provincial - Economer - Province Secretary - Provincial Secretary


    P Jose Kochamkunnel PV P Don Bosco Lourdusamy VP/R/Dg: Formation P Edwin Vasanthan EC P Dominic Matthews PS/Ps/Sec: SISS/EA: VDB & CDB P Leo Joseph Irudayasamy PC/Dr: SURABI/Ad: YaR (SPCSA) P Rajkumar Fernando V/Sec/A: DBCC P Ravi Aruldass A/Ad: Niraivagam/Ys P Vellanganny Mark Pd/Health Care P Kirubagaran Rathinasamy Dr: Deepagam/La P Amirthraj Arokiam Ed: DB Bulletin/Arumbu/SS Malar P Joseph Jeyaraj Dr: Niraivagam P Ernest Rosario Dr: DBICA/DBCC P Praveen Peter P: DBCC P Samson Raja St. Ph.D./Pr: DBCC P Kasi Sagayaraj St: Ph.D./Ad: Boscosoft (INAYAM) P Selvaraj Varaprasadam St: Ph.D. P Bosco Perianayagam (IND) St: Ph.D.