A meaningful celebration with the children

For the poor and slum children of Kilpauk, Chennai, it was a day of joy and celebrations when the the Don Bosco Youth Centre of Rinaldi Juniorate (SIGA) community gathered them all to observe the World Day of the Poor, as declared by the Holy Father. On November 26, 2017, nearly 400 children from the local government schools, slums and neighbouring oratories were brought to the SIGA campus grounds to participate in a fancy fete, games, fusion dances and songs.

    The Don Bosco oratory youth members along with the Bosco hostel boys meticulously planned and organized the day for the poor children. There were more than 15 fancy fete games organized by the Brothers Baptison, Thomas, Johannes and Satheesh Paul along with the oratory members, in a creative way attracting the children and motivating them to play cheerfully. All those who won in the fancy fete games received very attractive prizes also.

    At the end of the fancy fete games, all the children gathered in the hall for an orientation speech by Fr. John Christy, the Rector of SIGA and Fr. Kasi Sagayaraj, the Director of DBYC. A short video presentation on Don Bosco was screened to motivate them to become better children of the country. A sumptuous lunch also was arranged for them. The program concluded with lunch and the teachers accompanied the children back to their homes.

    Chennai – Rinaldi Juniorate

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