Are you a screen gazer?

Do you fight with your significant other, your teenager, your parents, your best friend — even with yourself — about how much time your digital device is distracting you from real, as opposed to virtual, life?

    Or maybe you’re so buried in your screen eternally texting, posting, gaming, that you don’t even realize that they are existing near you?

    DBICA, Niraivagam and DBIFM, services are exploring the reality of your clinical internet addiction this April.

    Among the findings:

    On an average, your youngster spend 6.5 hours a day looking at screens. They touch the screen most, than any other realities that envelop them. And there’s a risk of real addiction to these devices, resulting in serious negative consequences that affect health, learning, social skill, values, creativity and wellbeing.
    And it’s not just kids who are at risk – It could be you, dear parents and teachers.

    Hijacking all of us is the chemical dopamine, which lights up our pleasure response. Every “ping” we hear of an incoming message and every bad guy we demolish in a video game, stimulates a neurotransmitter signalling pleasure. So why bother looking up from your smartphone while crossing the street, driving in stop-and-go traffic, or even when face to face with someone you’ve looked forward to seeing in person?

    Our team is offering a few suggestions:

    Identify the problem: Our survey/test will help you identify if you or your child have a problem.
    Quantify and control: There are several practical tips from our institute that will help you to take control of the situation.
    Make change fun: Down to earth exercise and methods to help both you and your kids. We will empower you to be the therapist.

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    When: 7 p.m. on Wednesdays.

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    Contact: Fr. Rajkumar Mervyn SDB. Phone: 8667574848.

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