Cultivating Spiritual and Emotional Wisdom: A Journey of Followship of INM and INT Young Salesian Priest.

Nestled on the tranquil slopes of Mount Don Bosco in Kotagiri, an enriching spiritual assembly transpired on the 21st and 22nd of July. There were 46 Salesian priests from the INM and INT provinces assembled for a meeting steeped in wisdom and reflection, primarily centred on the transformative third, fourth, and fifth years of Priesthood. We started day with Holy Eucharist integrated with morning prayer led by Rev. Fr. John Alexander, SDB, the Vice-Provincial of Chennai Province.

    The first session emphasized the crucial role of emotional and spiritual growth in leading a fruitful religious life. Rev.Fr. Gnanadoss brilliantly elaborated on "Celebrating Priesthood through the Great Gift of Eucharistic Presence." The depth and significance of this unique spiritual gift, and its impact on fostering Priesthood, were explored in-depth, offering attendees a wealth of insights.

    After spirited group discussion as priests shared their experiences with their ordination companions. The dialogue revolved around the diverse joys and challenges inherent to the Salesian Priestly life. This enlightening exchange proved to be a powerful medium for sharing knowledge and fostering mutual growth.

    The day reached its pinnacle with a deeply moving Eucharistic adoration, opening doors to inner healing and enabling an intimate communion with the Eucharistic presence. Rev.Fr. Agilan Sarprasadam marked the day's closure with a Good Night message, sharing exciting information about upcoming initiatives from the INT Province.

    The second day began with a Holy Eucharist, presided over by Rev.Fr. Don Bosco, the Provincial of Chennai. The day continued with a stimulating panel discussion led by Fr. John Alexander. The panel, which included Fr. Don Bosco and Fr. Agilan, discussed the subject of Salesian Religious life, particularly focusing on community experiences. The exchange of experiences and outlining of expectations for young Salesians resulted in a rich and transparent conversation.

    The grand assembly concluded with blessings and prayers, leaving behind an aura of spiritual illumination and unity. The two-day event provided an exemplary platform for the priests to share, learn, and grow, greatly enriching their individual and collective spiritual journeys.

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