The blood donation camp was organized by the DBYC oratory members under the guidance of Fr. Thomas, the Director, and Br. Thomas, the Asst.Director, and other executive committee members. The blood donation camp was organized mainly to donate the bloodto those patients who are in need and who have lost their blood.

    The blood donation camp had begun at 10:00am to till 3:00pm. The Govt. Children Hospital, have generously accepted to come to SIGA to receive the blood from the donors. Fr. Dominic Matthews, rector of SIGA, was the chief guest for this blood donation camp and he appreciated all the members who have taken this great initiative to organize the camp, and invited the gathering to come forward generously to donate the blood for the greater cause.  All the doctors and nurses were welcomed and greeted with flowers and appreciated them for their availability to collect the blood from the donors. All the doctors were very happy to receive the blood from the donors who have come generously to donate their blood. Because, blood is very vital for an emergency situations, like accidents and natural disasters, where a large supply of blood may be required quickly which involves providing blood to patients to replace lost blood during medical conditions. In this way, many lives could be saved and can bring back to the life from serious situations.

    The entire DBYC oratory members have worked collectively to make this event successfully in bringing the people from different places and put lot of effort to inform the various people to donate their blood. The volunteers worked diligently in the weeks leading up to the event to ensure its success, by publishing through various media, including the social media, posters ect. These kind of camps will really help in playing the critical role in supporting the healthcare system and fostering a sense of community responsibility.

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