De-addiction program

We held a de-addiction program in Arenary Village today. Fr. Roshon OMI, Bros from Perambakkam, and Sylvester from our team led the program. The primary goal of our program was to assist them in abstaining from drugs. There is also a lack of cleanliness and a buildup of plastics and water in the surrounding environment as well as in and around their rooms. We completed a de-addiction and health and hygiene program based on the location’s conditions.

    In that program, Bro. David OMI gave a message on Health & Hygiene, which enables students to maintain themselves and their surroundings tidy and clean. Bro. Asish OMI spoke about addiction recovery. He is harming his health by drinking alcohol. This conversation made them realize and get rid of it. Fr.Roshon OMI lectured about labor welfare and the rights of migrant workers. And Sylvester organized party games that helped them feel at ease and pleased. Bro. Syril OMI was in charge of the MC. And we finish our program by giving everyone of them a slice of cake and some refreshing drinks.

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