Extending animations to non-Salesian institutions

It was recommended by the Provincial during his visit, to extend the service of the DBSARC to the non-Salesian institutions, too. In the month of February the animations by DBSARC were extended to several non-Salesian institutions which were most in need of assistance. It was noted that the response from the non-Salesian institutions were better than the Salesian institutions.

    There are still many institutions run by the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations, which deserve such assistance of DBSARC. “It is always better that we go extra mile in our service to the society.”

    Institution/ centre: Thurumbar Thulir
    Date: February 18, 2018
    Topic: Memory Techniques and Time Management.
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    Though the animation for the Thurumbar children was organized at the centre on a fixed date and time, this was a failure because only 13 children turned up. Those who came for the animation were young ones studying in class 1 to 4. Since the children were too young to understand the concepts, only one technique was taught to them. After that some Basic English was taught to the children through activity based learning.

    Institution/ centre: Thurumbar Thulir, Avalurpettai
    Date: February 25, 2018
    Topic: Memory Techniques and Time Management.
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    The animation for the 28 Thurumbar children from 8 villages was conducted at Avalurpettai in Thiruvannamalai District. Memory techniques content was developed Mr Stephen Raj. There were three types of techniques: 1. Associating one with the other; 2. Imagination and, 3. Concept Mapping. Since the children could not understand them quickly, a lot of time was taken for the animations. Post lunch,a scholar student who was doing her research on teaching methodology for the students whose IQ is low or those who are slow learners, animated the students with lots of games and activities.

    Institution/ centre: Don Bosco Hr. Sec. School, Gandhi Nagar
    Date: February 2, 2018
    Topic: Personality Development
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    Personality is something that everyone in the present world is looking for - both external and internal. The commercial world and the media are now focusing on the external personality of a human being. The animation for the 196 students was focused on building up their internal personality. The animation included some basic tips to maintain better relationships with their own classmates and others in the school, and in the society.

    Institution/ centre: Don Bosco Polytechnic College, TK Kundram
    Date: February 14, 2018
    Topic: Labour Laws, RTI & Legal Aid.
    Animator/s: Fr. Jose & Mr Stephen Raj

    The 105 students of third year are going to be in the society soon after their studies, as employees and citizens. This seminar was organized for preparing the students to live a better life in the society. The first session was conducted by Fr. Jose, and was based on the legal aids and the constitutional rights of the students in the society. The second session was on the labour laws that are most applicable for them as employees. The Factories act, PF act, ESI act, Minimum Wages act, Employees’ Compensation act, and Bonus act were taught to the students as they were important for them in near future. The post-lunch session was on the Right to Information act 2005.

    Institution/ centre: DB Tribal Developmental Centre Jawadhi Hills
    Date: February 24, 2018
    Topic: Child Protection and Care in JJ act
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    There were about 55 teachers who deal with students, daily. It was important for them that they know the JJ Act, because it gives guidelines to the people in handling the children lawfully. Though they have been teaching for years, this was the first time that such animation was given to them. Apart from this they also had a one-hour animation on maintaining good health. This session was taken by a doctor who practices the ancient Indian medicine for treatment.

    Institution/ centre: Holy Spirit Church, Pavunjur
    Date: February 5, 2018
    Topic: Survey Results and Discussion
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    A survey was conducted among the youth of the Pavunjur Parish. The purpose behind the study was to know the status of the youth and the available opportunity for them in their locality. The study was consolidated and discussed regarding the opportunities and possibilities to guide the youth of that locality in a better manner. There was discussion with the youth director of the Parish, the leader of the Salesian community and with the youth of the locality. This discussion was primarily to plan what can be done for a longer duration for the betterment of youth of the Parish.

    Institution/ centre: Government Residential School, Sathyamangalam
    Date: February 26, 2018
    Topic: Memory Techniques and Study Methods
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    The children who reside at the residential school are less privileged. The opportunities given to the students to study are very limited. The personal care given to the students is also poor. Thus they deserve such animations, more than others do. This was the first animation conducted for 34 students from class 6-8. Although the cooperation from the students were very good, the concepts were very difficult for them to understand. The trainer did his best to teach them and several exercises were given to them, to know their understanding level.

    Institution/ centre: Government Residential School, Sathyamangalam
    Date: February 16, 2018
    Topic: Motivation
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    An initiative was taken to reach out to a government residential school, supported by the Central Government, for orphans and semi orphans. This was first non Salesian institute, where an animation was conducted. The response of the 56 students from Class 3 to 8, as well as the cooperation of the staff were were very good. The animation was divided into two sessions; the first session was motivating students to become better persons in the society. The second session was conducting games and party games for the children. Since they were mixed group there was a need to teach them through games and songs.

    Institution/ centre: St. Augustine High School, Thangalkarai
    Date: February 26, 2018
    Topic: Memory Techniques and Time Management.
    Animator/s: Mr Stephen Raj

    St. Augustine High School, Thangalkarai was one of the schools started for the education of the students who are from lower castes. Following a request from one of the nuns of that congregation to teach to the students, an animation was conducted for 55 students of class 6 to 10. There was good cooperation from the students for the animation. They were also good in understanding the concepts quickly. Association, imagination and concept mapping were the memory techniques taught to the students.

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