Ink Kitchen now in SIGA Chennai

During the 71st Annual Meet of SIGA Past Pupils Unit (SIGAPPU) held on August 15 at SIGA Campus, the Department of Printing inaugurated the Ink Kitchen as part of research and training for their diploma students. Ink kitchen is where ink formulations are created by mixing various components, such as pigments, binders, solvents, and additives. The mixing process is precise to achieve the desired ink colour and properties.

    The Ink Kitchen will play a vital role in ensuring the quality, consistency, and efficiency of the printing process by providing the SIGA printing press with properly prepared ink.”, said CN Santhosh Kumar, President of SIGAPPU.

    The Ink Kitchen functions in ink mixing, colour matching, ink quality control, ink supply, ink recycling, inventory management and formulation development, where it keeps track of ink inventory to ensure a sufficient supply of ink for ongoing print jobs. Thus, prevent interruptions in the printing process due to ink shortage.

    The SIGAPPU certified innovative student projects and facilitated dedicated lecturers and engineers to encourage research and entrepreneurial skills among staff and students during the validation ceremony.

    Father Dominic Mathews, the SIGAPPU Unit Delegate, Father PT Joseph, Principal, the chief guest Professor Vipinendran, Department of Printing Technology, Anna University, Chennai, the guest of honour Nebu Thomas, Head of Deloitte Digital India, Mr Satfford Mantel and Mr Jayaraman, the representatives from Don Bosco Past Pupil Association, Chennai Province, and 170 past pupils from India and abroad were present.

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