Tamil Nadu Government announced an “Intense Lockdown” for four days throughout the State of Tamil Nadu from 27th to 30th April 2020. During this period with the exception of the pharmacies and the medical services, the rest were shut down. Once again, the poor who depend on daily wages were hard hit because of this announcement. None of the relief activities could be carried out during this intense lock-down period. Don Bosco Relief Services made use of this opportunity to promote Cash for Work Program for the persons who lost their livelihood. Packing of relief materials in a more safe and Eco-friendly way was carried out for eighteen Women and six Men.
    DBRS has been mindful of not using plastic while distributing food materials. We either ask the locals to get utensils for grains or provide them kits in paper or cloth bags. Plastic is being deliberately avoided and used only when there are no other means. The pandemic might end after three months but the repercussions of the action during the outbreak would stay for a longer time. Reusable bags are used for packing the food items and paper bags have been used to pack the face masks. While distributing single-use masks we are also teaching the families to use clean cotton cloths as face mask which is a sustainable measure of protection in the long run. The workers are instructed with all safety measures that has to be followed during the packing. They were provided with Face Mask and a pair of gloves. Physical distancing was
    strictly followed during the packing process.

    Target Group Selection: Staying indoors is never an option for the daily wage labourers, as their families would go hungry. Their plight is worsened day after day as they don’t have money even to buy essentials. Men & Women who were depending on daily wages and who could reach the
    packing location were selected for work.

    The rise and spread of the novel corona virus have presented individuals and organizations committed to serving their communities with a unique paradox. Since the lock-down brought all activities to a halt, there have been several horror stories of people struggling to find even a morsel of food.

    But people have come together in the most extraordinary ways to go the extra mile and lend a hand. Across the country, instances abound of people trying to do what they can to help. In such perilous times, it is important to highlight the exemplary work being done by ordinary people. These individuals have been working round the clock, behind the screen to help the needy and have shown great enterprise in helping ease the distress of marginalized communities during this lock-down.

    Weekly update 6 of DBRS is dedicated to such invisible faces who have played not only a greater role in our relief intervention but inspired us with their commitment and dedication.

    “Let us salute the spirit of individuals who are working tirelessly to help those in need”.

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