Novena prayer for vocation to salesian brotherhood

Our Holy Father Pope Francis, as the Jesuit Provincial,had organized a novena in honour of Blessed Artemide Zatti in all the houses of his Province to get vocations to Brotherhood in his Province and as a result got several good young men opting for this vocation.He himself advised the Salesians to follow his example to get good vocations to Salesian Brotherhood.


    God our Father, you are the Master of the Harvest to whom our Lord Jesus asked us to pray to send labourers to workiny our vineyard. As we are preparing to celebrate the Salesian Brotherhood Day on 5th of December, we pray to you earnestly through the intercession of Blessed Zatti to send good candidates to become Salesian Brothers in our Province and persevere in it to serve as the lay arm of DonBosco to carryout his mission in collaboration with the Priest Salesians. We also pray earnestly that Blessed Artemide Zatti may soon be canonized and continue to serve as a model of holiness to all Salesians. We ask these gifts through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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