Only good initiatives will change society

Social media is a powerful tool which everyone can access and use for social change. The animation on Social Media for Social Change for the students of class 11 of Dominic Savio Hr. Sec. School, Tirupattur was conducted on October 17, 2017 by Mr. Stephen Raj.

    During the interactive session with 203 students, many participated and shared their views on several social issues. A few major social issues, like the Sagarmala hydrocarbon project, were discussed with the students. Hearing of the threats that are coming up in our society, the students asked what they could do in order stop such social evils. There were lot of opinions and suggestions that were given by them. In summary, the conclusion was drawn that life has to be self-sustaining. Being hopeful of political parties and political leaders to change things will never happen. There has to be good initiatives from the people for social change.

    Tirupattur – Dominic Savio

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