Preparing for a spiritual life

There are four important aspects in the life of a person entering priesthood - Spiritual Life, Sense of Belonging, Intellectual and Evangelical Life. Fr. Vice Provincial, who animated a meeting of candidates due for perpetual brothers who gathered at The Citadel on January 27, 2018, enquired about their mark sheets and if anyone has arrears.

    Spiritual Life

    Explaining about Spiritual Life, Fr. Provincial stressed on interiority and deep spiritual experience, consistency with regard to personal prayer and to Encounter Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the thirst.

    Then he also quoted the spirituality of Don Bosco, saying that “if one does not know about the spirituality of Don Bosco he is a fool. Don Bosco gave priority to his prayer life”. He also mentioned about our Holy Father Pope Francis who, despite his busy schedule, spends an hour of personal prayer.

    Stressing on being punctual for prayer, Fr. Vice-Provincial said, “If your spiritual life is very strong then everything will come automatically and perpetual profession is not a license for freedom.” He also advised brothers not to sleep during mass, meditation and personal prayer. “Be attentive; go through the six priorities of the province,” he said and gave some suggestions to improve our spiritual life.

    “Towards achieving Spiritual Direction, you can improve your spiritual life by choosing your spiritual director. Meet the spiritual director at least once in three months. Spiritual direction helps one come closer to God,” he advised.

    Fr. Vice Provincial said that Manifestation is a very important and very beautiful moment. “Share your difficulties in the community and the manifestation should be at least for an hour. When you go home, your parents, family members and others should admire about your spiritual life,” he said and then spoke about the external symbols for spiritual life like wearing something on the neck and having or always carrying the rosary and so on. He concluded by reminding “us to improve our prayer life by reading the Church history, cultivate the habit of reading the word of God, too”.

    Sense of Belonging

    Fr. Vice-Provincial said that availability for the community mission and communion among confreres is a very important aspect of religious life. In the community there should not be any reservations. “Talk to everyone and do not keep quiet. Act prudently and speak well of all. Take care of the sick and talk with elderly confreres. Always have a positive outlook about others,” he said.


    Talking about intellectual, Fr. Vice Provincial said, “Our congregation is an International Congregation. Hence, we need to improve upon our intellectual formation too. Intellectual is not only about getting marks but we need to improve in our creativity. We should a have broad mind, good knowledge about the world, good communicative and written form of English. This will help us to deal with the youth. Hence, intellectual preparation is needed”.

    Evangelical life

    Fr. Vice Provincial said that the vow of obedience takes more priorities than the other two. When there is obedience, the other two will follow in place. So obedience is the most important Vow of all.

    The Citadel

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