Responsible social media usage is key to good communication

The Internet is a powerful medium for communication. Riding on this vast, global network are several social media applications like the most popular FaceBook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram.
    "You leave your footprints everywhere and anyone can trace you anytime, even after your death."

    Irresponsible utilisation of the social media platforms often bring about controversies, riots, hot exchange of words and enmity. With a view to exercise self-control and responsible usage of such powerful communication tools, a workshop for INM BIS Reporters was held at SIGA, Chennai on November 25, 2017

    Salesian reporters and lay representatives from four Commissions and Departments of the Don Bosco Chennai Province gathered for a day to participate in a new strategy at work in lobbying for the poor and marginalized youth of Tamil Nadu including Gypsies, Dalits and Turumber communities.

    The workshop was kick-started by Fr. Xavier Packiam, Economer and coordinated by Fr. Dominic, INM Province Secretary and Fr. P.T Joseph the Webmaster of the trending Don Bosco Chennai Website Thirty participants from various provinces of DB Chennai, were invited to register themselves in the reserved area of the portal which will enable them to post news and photographs directly, on a real time basis, as and when programmes and events take place in their regions.

    Fr. Joaquim, Delegate of BOSCOM-India from Mumbai addressed the Chennai BIS special correspondents on the urgency and importance of sharing and dissemination of information. He outlined the branding of Don Bosco India and insisted on the need to amplify the success stories of our targeted youth on the local, province and national websites.

    Mr. Nikhil Raghavan, with his seasoned journalistic style, is now on board with DB Chennai. His advice on the netiquette brought forth his 20 year experience with a leading national english newspaper. Fr.Dominic elaborated the topic from a congregational perspective and Fr. PT Joseph from a technical side. All three shared the same points of.view : “Not to hurt the sentiments of any person and speak the truth. Be alert and responsible as you click the ‘likes’ and post items on social media. For you leave your footprints everywhere and anyone can trace you anytime, even after your death.”

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