RM meets the INM Salesian Family (Chennai)

The Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians known as Salesian Sisters (FMA), was co-founded by St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello together with St. John Bosco the Founder, after having imbibed the creative fidelity of Don Bosco himself which she envisioned her sisters to live the same. It was in 1872 that the first group of young women committed themselves to serve God. The FMAs had reached India with six valiant missionaries at their Golden Jubilee (1872-1922). They continue to work hand in hand with the Salesians even today as many young girls throng their institutions for quality education. Just recently, they have also ventured into the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka with great missionary zeal.

    Hence, the visit of our Rector Major is indeed a great sign of blessing for the members of the Salesian Family. On the evening of 7 th September 2019, at around 7 p.m., he arrived in the FMA Provincial House, Kodambakkam. He was received with a traditional welcome dance and Rev. Sr. Lazar Nirmala FMA, the Mother Provincial of Chennai Province gave him a warmth and cheerful welcome. All the other distinguished guests belonging to the Salesian Family, who were present, also felicitated the Rector Major. Those who were present comprised representatives of the SDBs, FMAs, SMAs, MSMHCs, the Salesian Co-operators, Past Pupils, ADMA, Volunteers of Don Bosco and many young people.

    At the start of his address, the Rector Major began by thanking the gathering for their warm reception and loving presence. He shared his experiences about being in India for the fourth time and was always joyful to meet the members of the Salesian Family. He said that the Salesian Family is one of the largest in the Church, having the presence of 31 members and that it was Don Bosco himself who had fashioned the Salesian Family. In the early stages of the Congregation, Don Bosco with the aid of the lay collaborators, managed to keep the Family members united and one in spirit. However, it was Don Philip Rinaldi who actually systematized the Salesian Family as we know it today.

    The Rector Major stressed that the important trait of the Salesian Family is the communion spirit. He insisted that our exemplary life should be felt by others, hence we were requested to give a witnessing value to others. Secondly, he requested the gathering to grow in the Salesian Family by way of living their unique identity, and by maturing in their call. He ensured that only the witnessing value inspires and invites people to join the Salesian Family. At the end of his discourse, he delighted the gathering by playing the guitar and singing a very lively song. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Mr. Aseervatham who is the Salesian Provincial Coordinator for the Salesian Co-operators for the Chennai Region.

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