To make SIGA a Centre of Excellence

During the Second Technical Education Council meeting, Fr. P. T. Joseph said that a preliminary study of the situation of SIGA was done. He then presented a plan to the house council for further review by the Technical Council. This is in line with the chapter deliberation to make SIGA the Centre of Excellence in Printing Technology.
    1. SIGA has placed an application to the Government of India, to make the non-formal courses and SDC programme recognized under The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Benefit: This will permit SDC students access the Advanced Training Government Certification, available at ATI, Chennai.

    2. SIGA Polytechnic College is run by SISS, and SIGA and SIGA Press by SIGA society.  It is advisable to show SIGA as a separate institute with separate account books that runs the SDC Benefit: This may ensure the continuity of the Press within city limits.

    3. SIGA is to be identified and recognized as the non-formal skill training centre, by Government of India under the same ministry. Benefit: To avail financial assistance available under Government Schemes. This will also exempt GST for the fees of the SDC courses.

    4. Upto now, at least 3 companies have come forward to train our students within our campus, under their brand name. Trail training and job work including drafting of MoU are in progress. Benefit: Job and company oriented training will prepare our students with higher employability skills. High paid jobs at MNC assured. Stipend and LEAP fundraiser is under discussion


    The Second Technical Education Council of Chennai Province meet held on September 16, 2017 at Don Bosco Polytechnic College, Basin Bridge


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