World Mental Health Day (Awareness Programme by PG Department of Counselling Psychology)

The PG department of counselling psychology had taken a significant effort to promote the ‘World Mental Health Day’which was universally celebrated on 10th of October 2018. It was an innovative awareness programme conducted in anticipation on 27th September 2018, to insist on the importance of mental well being. The days’ event aptly suits the department of counselling psychology to act responsibly in promoting mental health and wellness in life. Rev. Dr. C. Antonyraj, Rector and Rev.Dr.D.Maria Antony Raj, Principal, inaugurated the programme by tying a tag printed with positive words to the decorated “Tree of Mental wellness”.

    In the Shift-I, at the entrance the students were given stickers with badge and symbolic ribbons by the students of counselling
    psychology. The college students were greeted by the organizers with a simile saying, “We wish you a happy mental health day and a mental
    wellness” and they pinned the badges.The students were also given the tags to tie on the tree and they all tied it involving themselves
    enthusiastically. In the process of this activity they all came to know the good qualities of the mental wellness. A surprise event was enacted by
    the students of counselling psychology during the break time, at 11.00 a.m. when the college students came out for break. They witnessed an
    awesome performance of Flash Mob. The flash mob was an informal performance for the public.

    It was all about some spontaneous exercises and body movements called ‘Brain Gym’ which would help to activate our mind healthy. The same programme was organized for the Shift-II. On the whole it was very much appreciated and the students got adequate awareness about the importance of mental health day. Congratulation and warm appreciation to Rev. Dr. Joe Sanjay OFM Cap, Head of the Department and all the other faculty members and the students for taking this creative effort to make a positive impact on the lives of our college students.

    Tirupattur – Sacred Heart College

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