World Suicide Prevention Day

The department of Counselling Psychology had taken a significant effort to promote a campaign on ProLife in view of “World Suicide Prevention Day” on 10th September 2018. It was an innovative and attractive awareness programme. This year international association for
Suicide Prevention had invited all to make an awareness of the day on the theme “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”.

    The Department of Counselling Psychology, who has a great responsibility psychologists to care for and to prevent suicides had taken this call seriously and celebrated the day remarkably well. In the Shift I the College students were addressed by Fr. Sanjay, Fr. Selvaraj and Fr. Mani Lazar
    during the morning assembly near Carreno Hall, MCA Block and Golden Jubilee Block respectively. Within a short duration, the message of the day was clearly conveyed through a brief message on the importance of life and how to face the challenges of life. Soon after the talk, the students were asked to take an oath to promise that they will all love their own life and will help prevent suicides in society.

    But the climax of the event was the signature campaign which was simultaneously inaugurated by Frs. Rector, Principal and Theophil in various spots. In the shift II the assembly was conducted in Don Bosco Indoor Stadium and the message was given by Fr. Selvaraj and Fr. Mani Lazar during the
    assembly. The students of Counselling Psychology acted out a mind-blowing and meaningful mime which clearly depicted the importance of life and to avoid ending life due to various problems faced by people. The students of Counselling Psychology had taken an extra effort to prepare creative
    posters and displayed for the college students and made an impact on preventing suicides. For the both the shifts, small stickers were distributed to promote the awareness on the prevention of suicide by sharing to a counsellor and to contact the helpline. On the whole, it was a thrilling experience and very much welcomed by all the students.

    Tirupattur – Sacred Heart College