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Don Bosco Social Action and Research Centre (DBSARC) has been established by the Chennai Salesian Province with the goal of strengthening the social dimension of the individual Salesian presences. DBSARC is a forum that facilitates voicing out the rights of the marginalized and acts as a platform for genuine dialogue. It adopts a professional approach in working towards the creation of a just society where everyone’s equality and dignity is upheld. Motivating youth to become active agents of social change by nurturing and strengthening the social consciousness is our major thrust.


DBSARC visualizes an alternative society that is just, equitable, participatory, pluralistic, inclusive, ecologically sensitive and sustainable.


DBSARC is to capacitate Youth and People’s Organization to become more effective enablers of the transformatory processes with the socially oppressed. In this venture, our primary focus falls on Dalits, Tribals, other marginalized communities and among them youth, children and women, using low-key, people based and participatory approaches at the community level.


To create awareness, to educate, and to provide professional assistance to all Salesian presences in the social dimension.

To provide education and awareness regarding child rights and related issues to children and those involved
in child welfare and development. To help youth especially marginalized youth to develop their human potential through capacity building.

To provide legal, human rights, and ecological education for all.

To empower rural women to participate in Panchayat Raj and political organization.

To educate the marginalized communities on sustainable livelihood.

To provide consultancy in documentation, networking, advocacy, lobbying and research to those who require
professional expertise in these fields


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Don Bosco Social Action & Research Centre Don Bosco SIHARAM, Adaiyur, Tiruvannamalai - 606604.
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    Fr. John Christopher SDB