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Last updated on May 15th, 21 at 11:18AM says MOTHER OF FIVE CATHOLIC PRIESTS RETURNS TO HER CREATOR Mrs. SAVARIAMMAL aged 76, mother of Fr. Charles Gaspar sdb breathed her last on the 12th of May 2021 at 3.00pm in the evening at Thiruvannamalai. She is the mother of 10 children of whom 5 eventually became catholic priests serving in different parts of the world. To be exact, more

Last updated on Apr 15th, 21 at 10:19AM
John Wilson SDB says joindonboscochennai Vocation Promotion for Salesians of Don Bosco - Province of more

Last updated on Apr 14th, 21 at 09:06PM
John Wilson SDB says Justice for Myanmar #sympraysformyanmar; Young people of the province of Chennai gathered to voice out for the justice in Myanmar, joining with the millions of young people of Myanmar. An initiative by SYM India in solidarity with the people of Myanmar. more

Last updated on Aug 18th, 20 at 07:44AM
John Wilson SDB says Voice of the Young, of God and of the Day’ In view of the International Day of Youth, on 12th of August, 2020, from 6pm-9pm, the Salesian provinces of Chennai (INM) and Trichy (INT) organized an online listening forum, to listen to the young people of different walks of life from the State of Tamil Nadu. Those young people more

Last updated on Apr 20th, 20 at 01:22PM
Benjamin Selvanathan says Mary Help of Christians DBYAC, Ennore more

Last updated on Apr 20th, 20 at 01:20PM
Benjamin Selvanathan says Mary Mother of GOD, our Mother pray for us more

Last updated on Apr 20th, 20 at 01:17PM
Benjamin Selvanathan says Don Bosco's prayer to Mother Mary Most Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christians,how sweet it is to come to your feet imploring your perpetual help. If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, how can you, the most loving of all mothers forget me? Grant then to me, I implore you, your perpetual help in all my more

Last updated on Apr 18th, 20 at 12:19PM
Benjamin Selvanathan says In his Spiritual Testament to his Salesians, Don Bosco wrote, “The Blessed Virgin will certainly continue to protect our congregation and our Salesian works if we maintain our trust in her and promote devotion to her.” For Don Bosco, Mary was more than an object of veneration. Mary was for him a living person. He felt her presence in every more

Last updated on Apr 18th, 20 at 12:14PM
Joseph PT says hi Hope you are safe and sound at home. Stay at home and stay more

Last updated on Mar 25th, 20 at 08:58AM
Dominic Joseph Matthews says more

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In focus: Education and Culture

Past Pupils unit was inaugurated and 1st AGM was held at DB Matric School, Pannur- 12/01/2020

Past Pupils unit was inaugurated and 1st AGM was held at DB Matric School, Pannur- 12/01/2020

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With the view of placing our youngsters to settle in life and to earn a decent livelihood in this highly competitive world, a Mega 24hour Job Fair was held at SIGA Polytechnic College on the 12th & 13th of October 2019, Around 24 well-reputed companies took part in the event and around 400 candidates from different streams like arts & science, ITI, Diploma and Engineering graduates participated in it.

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Make yourselves loved

“Make yourselves loved” were Don Bosco’s words to his sons, fully conscious of the winning edge in his life. He loved the boys and the boys knew that he loved them. This lived experience made them fall in love with him. Don Bosco would make any sacrifice for the boys and the boys would do anything for Don Bosco. This was a kind of magnetic bond where there is mutual love between them. If you want to win the world of tomorrow, you must win the youth of today and paradoxically, if you want to win the youth of today, you must first be won by them. This is what Don Bosco said: Make yourself loved and not feared. From this emerged his whole spirituality of the Preventive system. All of us are aware that love cannot be forced but it is a natural response to the love experience. Read More

Author: Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB
Source: Circular of January

Formation is the joyful acceptance of the gift of one’s vocation and its actualization at every moment of one’s life and in every situation. Formation is a grace of the Spirit, a personal attitude, an  education for life. A Seminary is an institution where young people who are training to be priests/religious live in an atmosphere that is helpful to growth of the total person - in the emotional, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual dimensions. “The first Salesians,” our Constitutions say, “found their sure guide in Don Bosco. Living at the very heart of his community in action, they learned to model their own lives on his.” Read More

Author: Fr. K M. Jose, Provincial

BIBLICAL WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT - The Scripture abounds in numerous references which encourages us as well as exhorts us to be persons capable of encouraging one another. Given below are just a few random reminders from the Bible on how the Lord Himself encourages us: Read More

Author: Rev.Fr. K.M. Jose SDB
Source: Circular of February
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About the Salesian

We, the Salesians of Don Bosco [SDB], are an international organization of men dedicated full time to the service of young people, especially those who are poorer and disadvantaged.


What we Do?

The activities and works by means of which we Salesians carry out our mission, depend on the needs and situations of the people whom we serve.


Where we Work?

We live and work among the poor and the disadvantaged especially the marginalized and dalit youth of Tamil Nadu, India. We operate from 45 local presences called houses with multiple service centers in each of them.


Facts and Figures

The statistical data is only a representation of the reach of our activities and not the impact of Don Bosco system in their personal life and families.


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