Book Presentation from Becchi

Becchi Don Bosco has come with four more book presentations for this month

    Presentation1 : “The Joy of Priesthood” 

    Bro. Danistan                               

    Fr. Stephen J. Rossetti

    The Book, The Joy of Priesthood has been written over a period of fifteen years, during which the author has been working with priests who suffer with psychological and spiritual problems. This book invites priests to recognize the dignity of their calling through honest and psychological based self-assessment.This book will help priests to show forth Jesus as light of the world and will help all readers to understand the challenges and consolations of the priesthood today.  This book is a great reminder and source of inspiration to all priests, especially to those who have lost their priesthood in our busy world.


    Presentation 2 : “Desiring God’s Will

    Bro. Anand                                                 

    David G. Benner

    This book may help people to live the human journey in a deeply spiritual way and the spiritual journey in a deeply human way.To truly live the life of the unseen God who cannot be understood is to renounce all that can be understood.Choosing God is choosing life, dream of life together in the reign of perfect love. God helps us learn the movements of our own spirit so that we can attend to the movements of God’s spirit in us. This is the core of choosing God which is the key to real life. This book helps those who align their hearts with the heart of God.

    Presentation 3 : “Cross and Resurrection: God’s Wonder and Mystery

    Bro. Anbu


    In Cross and Resurrection, the author presents a sharp analysis of the modes of power and production that have undergirded society since the Enlightenment. According to the author the cross and resurrection are inseparable in Christian’s life.The cross excludes our control while the power of the resurrection ensures that the negativity of human life borne on the cross will be overcome. Those who want to get matured in Christian faith could find this book helpful.

    Presentation 4 : “Our One Great Act of Fidelity: Waiting for Christ in the Eucharist

    Bro. Richard

    Ronald Rolheiser

    This book offers a series of personal reflections on the Eucharist. Stretching his meditations across inter-denomination and inter-religious lines, Fr. Ronald presents Eucharistic understanding to unite and heal us in the oneness of God’s love. In these pages, we find the aspirations of a committed Christian for the unity and peace that are the fruit of communion with the Lord.

    Presentaion 5 : “The Power to Heal” 

    Bro. Dinesh

    Francis MacNutt

    The author has vast experience in the healing ministries.He is one of the first priests to be involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.The author suggests has personal experiences regarding healing through touch and he affirms that touch can be a prayer that has a power all its own.he also stresses the importance of the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.This book is suggested for those who need be healed and for the mentors who do healing ministry.

    Presentaion 6 : “A Priest after My Own Heart

    Bro. Arockiaraj               

    Fr. Michael Fallon MSC

    Thirst for God experience and nurturing up faithful priests for the service of God who is the origin of everything is the core message of the author. The call to be a missionary is for both priests and laity. The author exalts the ‘secular’ priesthood (common priesthood) to a greater extend due to their daily belonging to the world. Major concerns on priestly ministry and its challenges are systematically presented. This book strengthens priests and religious who are in crisis and seeks superior -God experience.

    Presentaion 7 : “The Art of Being Human

    Bro. Paulraj

    Fr. William McNamara O.C.D

    The author is one of the most influential spiritual writers and mystics of the 21st century. If there are few saints in the world, it is because few have desired sanctity. We become what we desire. If we desire God, we become God by participation. A detached person is perfectly pure and transparent instrument of Christ. He affirms that the purpose of life is to give glory and honour to Christ. This book is recommended for those who aspire to be holy.


    Kavarapettai – Becchi

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